You Can Spend The Night In Dallas' Coolest Tree House For Less Than $65 Per Person

This Dallas Airbnb is the perfect get away from the city without actually leaving it.

There are plenty of amazing Airbnbs all over the world but this one is extra spectacular. A tree house cabin hybrid is available for rent and it looks to be the most peaceful place you can get in Dallas. 

The large windows of the place bring in natural light, and paired with the beautiful greenery outside this is definately the perfect spot to relax over a cup of tea or coffee. When you need to step outside you will be happy to find that the house is surrounded with foot trails that lead to Ash Creek. The cozy home fits four people and has two bedrooms. 

The treehouse is located in the Little Forest Hills neighborhood which means you're far away enough to escape the city but not too far to where you'll have to worry about being late to all the hottest nightlife events. It is also very close to the Dallas Botanical Gardens in case the surrounding greenery wasn't enough.

Via airbnb

Via airbnb

You can rent the place out for $245 - that's less than $65 per person a night if rented out to max capacity. Additionally, this rental does have a five-star rating. 

With the warmer weather coming up there is no doubt that this place will be a great spot to get away and relax. 

Via airbnb

Via airbnb

Because the place is so scenic, owners have asked that people don't rent out the house just for pictures although that isn't off the table. People who do want to have photo shoots in the house are asked to contact the owners to set up a date as to not take away the chance for anyone to spend the night. 

The listing for the house says that the owners prefer to rent it out to people 27 years of age or older but they do make exceptions. There are spots available for April but not many left so we recommend you rent it quickly. 

For more information and pictures of the house, you can visit the Airbnb page here.