Post Malone has always been vocal about the love he has for his massive fanbase, which is just one of many reasons why the world loves him so much. Now, fans can text Post Malone and get a response almost instantaneously. Who else is considering using him as an emergency contact?

Post Malone just tweeted out his Fort Worth area code phone number that you can use to get in touch with him.

By texting the number he shared on social media, (817) 270-6440, an automated response will soon reply with, "hey it's posty:) click the link so I can add you to my contacts. I have some big news that I'll be sharing here 💕"

A link will be provided for you to do just that, become one of Posty's contacts!

Many celebs, especially YouTubers, have been doing this in order to connect with their fans during a time where concerts, meet and greets, and much more are canceled or postponed.

What Post Malone's "big news" is, well, we're just going to have to wait to find out!

Those who text the number will likely be the very first to know. 

Posty captioned the tweet with, "text me:) 817-270-6440" and an adorable photo of him in what appears to be a bathroom mirror.

The musician tweeted out his number at the same time he shared it on Instagram. His last post on the latter was from over a month ago, giving his fans quite the surprise when he finally returned to IG with a cute selfie paired with his phone number.

Posty looked booked and busy prior to his most recent posts. And we can't wait until he's in concert again.

Maybe that's the surprise he has up his sleeve?

The guy clearly has a thing for mirror selfies. But we can't complain!