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Dan From "Gossip Girl" Is Back In A New Netflix Canada Series That's Like "Gone Girl" On Crack And It's Wild

Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell both star in the intense new show.
Dan From "Gossip Girl" Is Back In A New Netflix Canada Series That's Like "Gone Girl" On Crack And It's Wild

It's been a while since we've heard from upscale New York's lonely boy in "Gossip Girl," but Penn Badgley, who brought that iconic character to our screens is now donning a new persona, and trust me when I say it's nothing like what you've seen before. 

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Badgley is set to star in "You" a series that's based off Caroline Kepnes' novel released back in 2014. The story follows a man named Joe who finds himself obsessed with a girl named Beck who visits his bookstore- and he's determined to do anything he has to in order for her to fall in love with him. Believe me, the results of that determination are insane. 

While the show is under Lifetime, lucky for us Canadians, it will be available on Netflix on a weekly basis, similar to how "Riverdale" is updated on the platform. That isn't a coincidence, considering the executive producers behind "Riverdale" are the same people backing this new series, so if you love keeping up with Archie and his drama, this has got to make its way onto your to-watch list. 

If you thought Badgley was the only actor in the series coming from a successful TV show, you've thought wrong! It turns out that Canadian actress, Shay Mitchell is starring in the show as well, who is best known for her role as Emily on "Pretty Little Liars." She'll be taking on the role of Peach, Beck's best friend. 

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It's clear that this star-studded cast and scandal-filled storyline are setting some pretty high expectations. While the concrete release date on Netflix is still up in the air, the show premiered last night on Lifetime, so it's expected that the first episode will be available on Netflix Canada in the next few days. Until then, you can check out the preview here! 

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