With the final season of Schitt's Creek premiering in less than a week, it's officially time for fans to prepare themselves for the beginning of the end. While it's comforting to know that the co-creators father-son duo has confirmed it's their best season yet, it wasn't always that way. Dan Levy's Schitt's Creek ending didn't always feel like the right decision. 

Last summer CityNews was able to make the trip up to the productions filming town in Goodwood Ontario, where they had the opportunity to interview Levy, Annie Murphy, and Noah Reid. 

Levy started off by assuring the interviewer that he feels like the season is, "our best season yet" but went on to discuss how conflicted he was while filming, "but at the same time it's really sad."

He elaborated saying that “Saying goodbye to all these places we’ve come to know and love, and people we’ve come to call friends and family, is a very melancholic thing." 

In the end, though, the Toronto native knew it was the proper decision, "But I guess if you’re feeling a lot, it means you’ve done something right.”

He continued on by acknowledging that fans are really upset about the series' departure but are "incredibly understanding and respectful" and wanted to let them know that he "would never want to compromise in any way the quality of the show."

Murphy, who plays Alexis Rose, is scared of how the series finale turned out because of how sad it was on set, “I fear that it’s just going to be us as people crying on camera, as opposed to us in character crying in the scene.”

When asked what the cast would be taking home as a memento from the set, Murphy admitted to taking her character's college diploma while Levy and onscreen fiance Reid had a shopping spree in the Rose Apothecary.

While it's assuring to fans that the creators and actors are content with the series finale of this Canadian monumental show, if their emotions are any indication, viewers will be cuddling tissue boxes the entire time. 

Schitt's Creek season 6 airs January 7, 2020, on CBC. 

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