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Dan Levy Called Out A TV Network For Censoring "Schitt's Creek" David & Patrick Moments

“I will be retweeting this every day until I get a response”
Dan Levy Schitt's Creek Scenes

With different cultures, comes different television and broadcasting rules, but one British network is making this Canadian actor/producer anything but happy with how they're airing his production. Dan Levy's Schitt's Creek scenes with co-star Noah Reed are being cut and he's calling them out for it. Thanks to a dedicated fan, Levy has set out to make things right in Britain. 

It came to the actor's attention when a Schitt's Creek viewer, Ash, tweeted their disappointment about watching episodes that we're being aired on the TV network 4Music:

"4Music showed Schitt’s Creek with cut dialogue between David and Patrick. “ sleep with me or whatever” is just missing. But their kiss is there. And episodes earlier talk of Moira sleeping with Roland remains. And Moira still says “fuck,” so some curious censoring."

They go on to explain how David and Patrick's romance is portrayed in the same way as the opposite sex relationships on the show, "The next episode where Jake kisses David—no kiss. But Patrick and David still kiss. Again with odd censoring."

They concluded by questioning, "Are they limiting my gay content? Can I only see PG-rated kissing boys, but no talk of having sex? And no other boy can come along kissing on them?"

Levy was just as confused as fans when he found out what was happening. 

The Canadian actor, being part of the LGBTQ+ community himself, has always been a huge advocate for representation.

That now includes him fighting for the right to have David and Patrick portrayed as they were meant to. 

He reposted the video of the cut scene and wrote, "Footage of the Jake/David kiss having been edited out. Aside from this censorship being highly disturbing and dangerous, it was a big laugh in the scene! This is very disheartening @4Music."

4Music has yet to respond to the allegations but Dan Levy has pledged he'll be "retweeting this every day" until a response is given. 

Schitt's Creek's final season premieres January 7 on CBC. 

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