It seems like people all over the world have fallen in love with Dan Levy since the premiere of Schitt's Creek five years ago. He co-created and stars in the show alongside his father, Eugene Levy, and his TV mom and sister, Catherine O'Hara and Annie Murphy. Levy got his start on MTV Live many moons ago but his breakout role is definitely starring as David Rose in the CBC sitcom. Born and raised in Toronto, Dan Levy's Canadian upbringing makes him say "sorry" a lot

Levy was recently featured in Vogue's 73 Questions interview.

He was asked all sorts of things including the last thing that he purchased, which was a house. He also introduced his adorable dog named Redmond, who he called his best friend. 

The 36-year-old is a huge Beyonce fan and refused to rank her albums claiming that "they're all masterpieces."

He also said that Mariah Carey once tweeted about Schitt's Creek and he had a full panic attack and cried when he found out. 

Levy is a proud Canadian and said that the best thing Toronto has over Los Angeles is "the seasons and nice people."

When asked what the most Canadian thing about him is, he said, "I say 'sorry' a lot...sorry?"

He also told the interviewer that he first realized his dad was famous when he was 15-years-old and American Pie just came out. He was constantly asked by people whether the movie was based on his real life.

Luckily he cleared it up, and said, "I have not made love to a pie."

The interviewer also asked Levy, "what is something you can never over-invest in?" and he responded, "your relationships with your friends and family and loved ones."

Levy joked that his most prized possession is his relationships as well as his MTV Movie Award he won earlier this year. 

He said it means a lot to him because "I started my career at MTV as a television host so to win this for my role on Schitt's Creek was like a full-circle moment."

The Vogue interviewer also asked, "did you have any idea when it started that you would be here, five seasons deep, Emmy nominated, next to the likes of all these shows right now?"

The Schitt's Creek star responded, "Absolutely not. The past six years have been an absolute dream come true."

When asked how he's still standing after he "acted, produced, wrote, and show ran Schitt's Creek", Levy said, "I think when you do something that you're passionate about, that you love, it just comes quite easy." 

This one might tug at your heartstrings because Levy said what he'll miss most about Schitt's Creek when it ends after season six is "the people."

Watch Levy's full interview with Vogue below.

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