Dan Levy's Reaction To The "A Little Bit Alexis" Remix Is Pure Magic (VIDEO)

He apparently screamed so loud!
Dan Levy's Reaction To The "A Little Bit Alexis" Remix Is Pure Magic (VIDEO)

Schitt’s Creek may be coming to an end but this pop singer is supplying fans with some epic content from the Canadian comedy’s cast. Last month, Annie Murphy had her time to shine as a guest on the singer’s show. This week, Dan Levy’s The Kelly Clarkson Show appearance had him fangirling over the host’s rendition of “A Little Bit Alexis.”

Murphy and Clarkson had a surprise for the studio audience on January 29 when the two put their own spin on the iconic “A Little Bit Alexis” song and dance that was included in season 5 of Schitt’s Creek.

Murphy, who plays Alexis, was all sass as she pulled off her scripted number once again. However, in this version, she was joined by the 37-year-old singer whose amazing vocals only added to the fun.

Now two weeks later, the 33-year-old actress's onscreen brother made the journey onto the show and had a hilarious reaction to their former antics.

Bringing it up himself, Levy started off by saying, “Can I just talk about the fact — 'A Little Bit Alexis.'” The actor was cut off by an excited Clarkson who interjected, “It was my favourite.”

Levy claimed that when he first watched the clip online he “let out a scream that could be heard across the ocean.” He even extended his love for the segment by claiming “it was the single greatest piece of television I think I have ever seen.”

Clarkson went on to give a little background on the idea for the dance number explaining that it was actually her musical director who had the idea and who originally got her into Schitt’s Creek.

She also confessed that performing the skit was a challenge for her because she’s usually “supposed to have rhythm” when singing.

You can watch Levy’s full reaction below.

The Toronto-born actor spent the rest of the interview reminiscing about the time he worked as an extra on one of Clarkson’s music videos and witnessed her falling down a flight of stairs.

He touched upon how hard it was to say goodbye to the Schitt’s Creek family after six years of working together calling their farewell “devastating.”

You can watch the remaining episodes of Schitt’s Creek season 6 Tuesday nights on CBC.

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