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9 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Canadian Stars Of Netflix's "Dare Me"

The new series is coming out on March 20.
"Dare Me" On Netflix

As March quickly approaches, there's so much to look forward to. Not only will the month bring warmer weather and a season change, but it also brings plenty of new TV shows and movies for you to check out in your free time. One show that people are particularly excited about is Dare Me on Netflix.

If you haven't yet heard of the new series, it follows a group of high school seniors/cheerleaders whose lives take a turn for the worse when a girl they kicked out of their clique begins plotting against them. The show is like a combination of the classic teen drama Pretty Little Liars and the Netflix original Cheer.

Not only was Dare Mefilmed in Ontario, but the show also features some incredible Canadian talent that you should get to know ahead of it's March 20 debut on Netflix.

Alison Thornton

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia

According to her Twitter bio, Thornton splits her time between the beautiful cities of Vancouver, and Los Angeles, California.

Her first gig was TV movie Let It Snow in 2013

Over the years Thornton has been involved in several projects including The 100, Supergirl, and Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. Her first project, though, was the TV movie Let It Snow, as per her IMDb.

She grew up dancing

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Thornton opened up about some of Dare Me’s storylines, as well as how she prepared to play the role of Tacy Cassidy on the show.

“We had a lot of cheer training. I loved it. I grew up dancing so it was pretty similar, but I’d never done any stunts and it was scary. I really like it. It’s fun to be on top of a stunt. I had a lot of falls and I’m really lucky that the girls that we were cheering with are all real cheerleaders.”

Taveeta Symanowicz

She also stars in the Netflix original series October Faction

Symanowicz’s first role was in 2015, according to her IMDb. Over the years the actress has appeared in Make It Pop, The Sweetheart, and Letterkenny. She also starred in the Netflix original series October Faction, which came out earlier this year.

She and her boyfriend travel frequently

If you take a look through the actresses’ Instagram, one thing you’ll notice is that Symanowicz is frequently on the go. Most recently, she visited beautiful Banff, Alberta with her boyfriend, but she’s also posted photos in Whistler, Palm Beach, and Mount Wellington.

She majored in Dance at Toronto’s Cardinal Academy for the Arts

Symanowicz’s IMDb page also credits her with having studied dance at Toronto’s prestigious Cardinal Academy for the Arts.

Addyson Douglas

She’s trained with Second City Toronto

As per her IMDb, Douglas has a very impressive resume, having trained with Armstrong Acting Studios, Lewis Baumander Acting Studios, and Second City Toronto.

She has professional gymnastics, tumbling, and dance training

Other training that Douglas has under her belt includes gymnastics, tumbling, and various styles of dancing. You’ll get to see some of her awesome skills in her role of Emily Diaz on Dare Me.

She also has a YouTube channel where she sings and performs spoken word

On top of everything else she has going for her, the Canadian actress also has a YouTube channel where she posts videos of her singing and performing spoken word.

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