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You'll Never Guess Which Georgia City Was Voted Best Place For Singles

FYI, it's definitely not Atlanta.
Dating In Atlanta Is Difficult Unless You Move To This One Georgia City

With Atlanta being such a booming, larger-than-life city, you'd assume that it'd be easy to meet your other half there. Turns out dating in Atlanta is a little nightmare-ish, so if you want the best chance at bagging your significant other, head outside the perimeter. 

Albany, Georgia, a southwest city three hours outside of Atlanta, has recently been named the best city for Georgia singles.

In a study conducted by 24/7 Wall Street, Albany was chosen for a number of reasons. The ratio of unmarried to married people in the city, cost of living, and the number of activities available for social interaction were all considered. 

With the population sitting at 153,101, the number of people that are unmarried or separated sits "significantly over half." That means a lot more single people to pick from. 

Additionally, as the cost of living within the perimeter of Atlanta rises yearly, the cost of living in Albany looks more and more appealing. 

The average cost of a one-bedroom in Albany is about $640 a month, versus an average of $1,450 in Atlanta — an incredibly stark difference. 

If cheap rent and a plethora of singles aren't enough to get a U-Haul, Albany's surprisingly abundant social life might convince you to leave. 

The city's location on the Flint River makes for an abundance of water-based activities you can check out on dates. 

In the spirit of outdoor activities, you can also visit Chehaw Park, a mix of a foreign safari and hiking trails galore. 

If outdoor isn't your forte, you can check out some aquatic life under some A/C at the Flint RiverQuarium, or visit the Thronateeska Heritage Center and various other museums.

If you've seen and done all there is to do in Atlanta, Albany might be the next best move to find your other half.

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