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20 Classic Breakup Lines And What They REALLY Mean

Rip off the band-aid already.

One of my favorite comedians Aziz Ansari talks a lot about modern dating and romance in his writing, comedy, and stand-up.  His observations and commentary are very much on point and he does a bit during his stand-up show that kills me every time.

He asks the audience to clap if they enjoy being broken up with by ghosting.  No one claps, obviously. Then, he asks the audience to clap if they prefer someone to end a relationship in a straightforward and honest way. All of Madison Square Garden goes off.  "So why do we do this to each other?" - Aziz asks.

Very good question. I often ask myself the same thing.  This article isn't about ghosting, but it's about sugar coating the truth.  Why do we feel the need to carefully dance around the truth, when we know very well that being honest is the best course of action.

Over the next few pages, we will look at all the classics breakup lines that have been used and abused.  We will go over the tried and true direct approach lines as well.  If you wish to read on we will look at some of the ways dumpers cop-out of being honest and give backhanded compliments to soften the blow. Read on for more!

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