Spending quality time with your S/O is super important. Life can get busy and there's always the struggle of balancing work, your social life and family events while always leaving enough time to see your other half.

It can get difficult to make the time. There's also the factor of money. Sure going out for dinner, doing fun activities and taking trips together are all the ideal dates, but sometimes we just can't afford to constantly go out.

The best way to make sure you're spending quality time with bae and saving money is to plan cute and easy stay-at-home dates! These involve some creativity, fun and very minimal planning so that you and your love can have a special night from the comfort of your own home!

Date Ideas For Him

Watch A Sports Game Together

If your guy has a favourite sport to watch on TV, chances are you don't usually jump at the chance to watch it with him, but make a night of it for your next date night in! Make some classic big game night foods like nachos, hot dogs, and lots of beer and put on his favourite game.

If you want to go further you can put up some decorations around the house for a fully themed evening.

Date Ideas For Her

Have A Chocolate Tasting Night

There's nothing in this world that girls love more than chocolate, it's just a fact. Instead of having a boring old 'wine and cheese night' switch things up and plan a chocolate tasting for your girl!

Go all out and get her favourite chocolate bars and other chocolate flavoured desserts and make it into a game by placing a scoring card next to them and having her rate them. There's tons of these available online as printouts as well.

Date Ideas For Him

Have A Finger Food Only Night

Basically every good food in this world is finger food. Think pizza, burgers, fries, ice cream, chicken fingers and so much more. Plan a romantic date where all you can eat is finger foods! You can feed each other fries and maybe even set the mood by lighting a few candles.

Date Ideas For Her

Give Her A Massage

There's nothing sweeter than showing your girl you care about all the hard work she does then rewarding her with a nice massage. Light candles in the bedroom, but on some relaxing music and research some good massage techniques to give her ultimate relaxation.

Date Ideas For Him

Camp Out In The Living Room

You're never too old to build a blanket fort in your living room, so why not make this into a cute date idea for your man! Decorate the inside with twinkly lights, tons of cozy pillows and blankets, and bring in your TV or laptop to watch movies all night long. Don't forget the movie snacks like chips and popcorn!

Date Ideas For Her

Have A Theme Night

Choose a theme and make your night all about it! For example, make your theme for the night Italian. Eat pasta and pizza, drink Italian wine, eat gelato for dessert then watch an Italian movie like The Italian Job or La Dolce Vita.

If Italian food isn't your thing you can also choose themes like Japanese theme, a decade theme or a colour theme! The ideas are honestly endless with this one.

Date Ideas For Him

Make Him Breakfast In Bed

This doesn't have to be a morning thing at all! Let him relax in bed watching his favourite shows/movies while you make him an amazing breakfast feast for dinner. Make all his favourite breakfast foods and deliver it right to his bedside.

Date Ideas For Her

Have A Bubble Bath For Two

Run a bath with tons of bubbles, pour two glasses of wine or champagne if you're feeling fancy, decorate the floor/bath tub with rose petals and light a few candles and you've got yourself a super romantic date!

Date Ideas For Him

Break A Record

Head out to the store and pick up the newest edition of the Guinness Book Of World Records and spend the evening trying to break one. If that's too difficult just make it a competition between the two of you and see who can get the better record!

Date Ideas For Her

Make Playlists For Each Other

Since no one really makes romantic mix tapes anymore, why not make playlists for each other on your iPhones/iPods. Pick out the songs that most remind you of your S/O or the ones that describe how much you love them and then trade and listen to them while cuddling!

Date Ideas For Him

Have A Board Game Night

Grab all the classics like Monopoly, Life, Mouse Trap, Battleship and Clue for a marathon game night. Bring out your competitive side and see who can come out on top in all of your favourite games. Just make sure you don't get too competitive!

Date Ideas For Her

Have A Themed Movie Marathon

Step up your movie night game by making it a theme night. Choose an actor, genre or series and watch all of the best movies! We all know that movies are much better when watched back to back, in bed, with pizza and cuddles.

Date Ideas For Him

Have A Cook Off

If you're a fan of Iron Chef and Chopped you'll love this date idea! Pick an ingredient and challenge each other to make an appetizer, a main course and a dessert using that one ingredient. Whoever loses has to clean the dishes!

Date Ideas For Her

Recreate Your First Date

Whether your first date involved going out for coffee, dinner, to the movies or for drinks you can definitely recreate it at home! Make sure it's not like any other night in though and get creative so it really reminds you both of your very first date. If your first date was more unique than the usual coffee, dinner or drinks, you might need to be a bit more creative to pull this one off!

Date Ideas For Him

Have A Water Balloon Fight

This is a playful way to inject some fun into your lives! All you have to do is fill two buckets up with water balloons, leave one for him inside with the note and take the other outside with you and wait for them to come out to pounce!

Date Ideas For Her

Have A Picnic Dinner

This is a super easy date for you to whip up for your S/O! Cook a nice meal, grab a bottle of her favourite wine and and make a romantic dessert for you to enjoy either in your backyard or inside in the living room if it's too cold.

Date Ideas For Him

Have A Video Game Night

Chances are your guy has a secret passion for video games, so why not enjoy this together? Set up the living room so you're both super comfy, grab all his favourite snacks from the store and challenge him to his favourite games all night long.

Date Ideas For Her

Have A Karaoke Night

You don't need to go out to have a fun karaoke night with your S/O! Find lyric videos on Youtube, grab your hairbrushes and belt your hearts out all night long.

Date Ideas For Him

Have A Roof Date

For this one you'll need a roof, but if you don't have one you could always leave your house and hunt one down. Set up blankets and pillows, bring snacks and spend the night watching the sunset and stargazing with your bae!

Date Ideas For Her

Make A Gigantic Ice Cream Sundae For Dinner

Get your favourite flavour of ice cream and ALLLL the toppings! Grab the biggest bowl in your place and throw it all in together to make the tastiest treat you can imagine. No need to cook a real dinner tonight because you'll be stuffed with ice cream!

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