There are some things that are pretty standard when it comes to turn-ons; sexy lingerie, crackling fireplaces, smooth sexy music. But what about the little things that lead up to the big, romantic, sexy-time moment?

Sometimes, we're the sexiest when we're just being ourselves. At least, that's what we've been told. Because apparently, there are a ton of little things girls do that turn guys on, that we never would've thought about. 

We asked 24 guys what girls do that really gets them going. And the results were nothing short of steamy. 

1. Putting their hair up and down...

"Like twisting it into a bun and shaking it down again."

2. When you rise up onto your tiptoes...

"To reach for something high. That just gets my blood going." 

3. If you're wearing a skirt and wiggle the waist up a little...

"That shimmy just gets me."

4. When you swears you're not cute with bedhead...

"I'm so, so into it. The messy, I don't give a fuck, type of look is so attractive."

5. You for sure knows what you're doing

"But my girlfriend will sometimes wear just a dress shirt to bed and I know whenever she does, it's on."

6. When you curls up to him when he's cold

"Basically using me as a human radiator."

7. Stroking his chest

"Even through a t-shirt, I turn into a ball of goo."

8. Looking at him with those eyes...

"That lip bite and an up-and-down? It makes me feel like a steak, like she's going to devour me. When I catch her looking at me like that, it's enough to push me over the edge." 

9. "This girl I know will do this thing when we're in groups...

She'll talk to someone else, but make direct eye contact with me. It's super sexy."

10. When you're sitting down and lean forward...

"To read something more carefully or focus. That back arch? Hnnnggg"

12. "'Pretty please' eyes." 

13. Sighing or groaning

"It just makes me envision them in bed, I can't help it."

14. When he catches you checking him out 

"From across the room/street/whatever. Very hot."

15."When girls get really excited/passionate about something."

16. Early in the morning...

"When she nestles into me. Omf."

17. "When they get mad, at least when they get a little mad." 

"It's like oh ya, what are you gunna do about it? That's how most of the best angry sex starts."

18. Stretching...just regular stretching

"Doesn't matter if it's her arms or her back or she's full on bending over, still gets me every time."

19. When you run your hand through his hair...

"Best feeling ever."

20. Getting comfortable...

"This girl I know always holds her knees when she's sitting on the ground. She rests her head on top and is just the cutest thing I've ever seen."

21. When you wake up from a nap...

"A girl looking confused or lost wrapped up in my sheets? Ugh."

22. When you go off on a rant...

"Seeing my girl fired up is super sexy. Swearing, getting heated. Maybe it's a carnal thing, but it's so hot."

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