25 Excruciating Tinder Exchanges That Will Destroy Your Faith In Romance

You won't believe these are real!

Tinder can be a pretty scary place, especially for us women. In the world of modern dating Tinder is a great way to put yourself out there while still allowing a good distance from the person you're speaking too since the interactions are restricted to the app.

But even though these conversations are only made through the Tinder app, it doesn't mean we don't have some seriously excruciating exchanges that we'd probably rather forget happened altogether.

Since Tinder is so widely accepted and popular these days, you're bound to find just as many weird people on there as you would in the real world. So in the next few pages we'll go through the exchanges with hilarious responses, the totally creepy exchanges, the extremely gross exchanges, the super cringeworthy exchanges, and the downright awful exchanges happening on Tinder right now.

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