It seems that nowadays there are a ton of bullshit dating terms we don't have the energy to keep up with, but you might want to get familiar with 'breadcrumbing'', because odds are, you already do it. 

Ghosting is something we can all admit to having done. For those of you living under rocks/completely unaware of this term, ghosting is when you abruptly stop talking to someone you were romantically interested in because you no longer have that interest. You don't provide the other person any sort of explanation as to why you stopped talking to them. The slow fade is a prelude to ghosting, where you decrease the amount of communication between you and your partner or become less and less cordial in conversation until you straight up stop talking to them all together.

Breadcrumbing, however, while not as mean is definitely just as shitty in its own way. Allow me to explain. Breadcrumbing can be defined by Urban Dictionary as, "the act of sending out flirtatious, but non-committal text messages (ie "breadcrumbs") in order to lure a sexual partner without expending much effort." 

Breadcrumbers will sporadically hit you up on different social medias, from asking where your pasta's from on your Instagram story to wow-reacting to your profile picture on Facebook. They drop little hints that they're into you and are interested in what you're up to, but will rarely follow through and execute a proper date with you. 

I attribute 'breadcrumbing' to those who want to keep their options open. They'll Snap-message you heart-eyes when you upload a selfie, but when you hit them with the 'wya' they won't open it until the next morning. Truthfully breadcrumbers are more into staying relevant in your life than actually being in it. These are the same salty dudes and gals who will immediately stop liking your Instagrams after you post a picture with your S/O. 

People who breadcrumb do so because they want to keep in touch with you on some level - they want to keep you in their current flirtation roster as if to put you on 'hold' by constantly reaching out. Those recently out of relationships may be tempted to breadcrumb their exes just to make sure they haven't stopped thinking about them. 

At the root of it, breadcrumbers are really just killing time and playing the field. They aren't 100% into investing time or energy with you - that's why they're giving you - and no doubt a bunch of other people - little bits for of attention for you to bite at. My advice? There are people that will give you a whole damn loaf, not crumbs. If you're looking for a real connection and some thoughtful attention, sweep those crumbs straight into the trash. 

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