Girls Who Are Too Emotional Make The Best Wives

The benefit of wearing your heart on your sleeve.

A famous psychologist once said "humans are attracted to each other's rough edges". Despite this truth, we all seem to be suffering of a fear of expressing our emotions. The very thought of it may send a sharp tingling sensation up your spine. But that palpable bodily reaction is universal - and more importantly - entirely normal. It is felt by everyone regardless of age, race, religion, income, gender - you get the point - everyone who ever  "put themselves out there"  has experienced this sensation.

Those who can confront that feeling head-on and say "You don't scare me, let's hang out instead". Rather than run from it, they harness it and get on its level. These people are true unicorns, who not only dare to feel, but express it, too. Freely expressing emotions is the essence of true vulnerability - which is the primary ingredient for the secret sauce of any successful relationship. 

That said, emotions have a bad rep, but in the pages ahead we will look at why girls who are too emotional actually make the best wives. We will shed some light on different scenarios a girl will typically find herself in at home, during conflict, out with friends, communication, and finally on vacation.

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