How Girls Act When They're In Love Vs. How Guys Act When They're In Love

It's a crazy little thing.

There's a reason why people call it "falling" into love and not "stepping" into love. Falling in love implies letting go of control.  Succumbing to a force that is stronger than you. That's why the exhilarating high and chemical cocktail of falling in love is so gripping because it feels completely outside of our control.

Yes, these feelings can be exciting for some, and terrifying for others.  We all have our fare share of hurt or emotional baggage we drag along into our present. But regardless of your past, the signs of falling in love cut through cultures and time.  Meaning that there are universal truths about this very exciting time.

Over the next few pages we will explore some basic differences - and similarities - between the signs and behaviour of girls falling in love, versus guys. We will look at the basics of going out on dates and texting and communication. Also, we will dive a little deeper and look at flirting, self-care and intimacy. Read on to find out more!

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Michelle Cadieux