The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Modern Dating

It's rough out there.

Traditional love and romance now sit uncomfortably on a bed of technology and access to countless potential matches, which you can imagine,  have further complicated the already complicated matter of finding and keeping - l-o-v-e. In short, modern dating culture unfortunately dehumanizes people.

As a result, dating in 2017 is anything but intuitive. In a world where everyone is playing by their own ever-evolving rules, you can no longer rely on gut-feeling alone. A smart dater must navigate the scene with a level- headed and logical mind-set, or else your bound to encounter some serious issues down the line.

However, the good news is that modern dating does have it's fare share of positive side-effects. Because in a culture where we are encouraged to dehumanize people, we counter-intuitively find more opportunity to meet and create real genuine bonds with others.  Over the next pages we will look at the good, bad and ugly of the initial ask, communication, intimacy, social media and last but not least - swiping.

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