The Ugly Truth Of Being Single For Girls Vs Being Single For Guys

The truth will always surprise you.

Relationships possess an insane power to suck us into these whirling vortexes of couch hangs, pillow talk, bad takeout, cozy sweatpants and long nights of TV binging - until we get so deep, that we may even lose touch with our true selves.

That's why breakups from long-term relationships can be so jarring. We often emerge on the other side scratching our chins like the 'thinking' emoji asking ourselves - "What do I even like anymore".

Uncoupled moments are a crucial time to recalibrate your inner mojo and re-focus your energy on the things that are most important to you; whatever that may be.

In the following pages, you will find all the ugly truth differences between guys and girls when single. We will dive into the ugly truth of going out and dissect the ugly truth of social media use.  We'll go even deeper, and shed light on the ugly truth swiping and casual dating.  And of course, the ugly truth of self-care while single.

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Michelle Cadieux