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The Ugly Truth Of Why Girls Cheat Vs. Why Guys Cheat

Cheat-proof your relationship.

Being cheated on is probably one of the most difficult things anyone can go through. Being unfaithful can come in so many different flavours and each one hurts as much as the last. That said, if you interviewed everyone - guys and girls -  who have ever strayed on their S/O, you would most definitely slowly start to see some consistencies and patterns emerge.

Something to keep in mind, wether you're a guy or a girl: we often contribute to our partners shady behaviour more than we would assume. The key to cheat-proofing your relationships is being conscious of the real ugly truth  of why people feel the need to cheat in the first place.

Over the next few pages we will be looking at some of the different forces that impact the chances someone will stray. We will look at inside influences, outside influences and the overall health of a relationship.  We will also dive a little deeper and dissect the difference between two types of infidelity - emotional cheating and having a side bae.

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