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What He Says Vs. What He Actually Means

Decode the mysterious male language.

Everyone says that men are inherently simple creatures. They think with about 3 things all the time: sex, food and sleep. But that's not always true, at least women don't think so. We're constantly confused about what they're saying to us and what the true meaning behind their words are.

Just like men are confused about what we mean, we're just as confused about what they mean. That's what happens when you're dealing with the opposite sex, they're always a mystery!

But luckily, women and even men themselves have started to decode the mysterious male language so that we can begin to know exactly what they mean even when they're saying something completely different.

In the next few pages I'll go through some of most common things guys say on the first date, during an argument, when he's flirting, when you're going out, and during a breakup and what he really means when he says it.

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