Dead To Me fans are still recovering after last seasons cliffhanger season finale. Christina Applegate's character, Jen Harding, shooting Steve Wood also known as her best friend's ex-fiance will forever be a huge plot twist. The final shot of Wood last season was of his body being found floating in her pool surrounded by blood. Now, Dead To Me season 2 filming has started and photos from the set are giving away some major details. 

Christina Applegate has been busily working on season 2 with Dead To Me's most recent shoot being at Hermosa Beach in California. But she had a surprising co-star with her during the scenes filming. None other than James Marsden himself. 

Marsden, who plays Wood, stands beside Applegate on the balcony of a building in between takes. He's casually resting against the balcony's fence while Applegate smiles at onlookers below. It looks like no matter what happened last season, Wood is making a season 2 appearance. You can see the photo obtained by TMZ below. 

Fans are speculating that his appearance could possibly be a flashback, something the show has done a lot of in the past. That's the only possible way Wood could be featured in season 2 unless he somehow survived his doomed fate. 

Either way, they're extremely excited (and impatient) for the drama's next season. 

Kate on Twitter is letting people know how desperate they are for the new season, "when does dead to me season 2 come out I’m desperate."

They're even excited just at the thought of the show being back to filming, "just remembered dead to me season 2 is filming."

Liz Feldman, the Dead To Me creator, has already shared with her audience that the season 1 finale, "is not exactly what you think." 

Although season 2 has begun filming there's been no news of a release date yet. But when it is released, Canadians can stream season 2 of Dead To Me on Netflix Canada. 

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