'Dead To Me' Trailer Teases What We’re In For During Season 2 & It’s Not An Easy Ride

Jen and Judy are stirring up trouble in the neighbourhood!
Dead To Me Trailer

Jen and Judy are stirring up trouble in the neighbourhood! After a year of waiting, the Dead to Me trailer is finally here to show us what we can expect to see in season two. From the looks of things, there’s going to be plenty of blood, tears, and laughter.

In the first season of the hit Netflix original, we were introduced to Jen—a suburban mother of two who recently unexpectedly lost her husband in a mysterious hit and run. Plagued with thoughts of her late lover, Jen decides to attend a support group for other widows, where she meets Judy.

Judy reveals that she has also recently suffered a tragic loss of her own, and the two women bond over the experience and become fast friends. Unfortunately for Jen, it turns out that Judy’s keeping a major bloody secret from her new best pal.

According to the recently released trailer, season two will pick off exactly where season one ended—with Judy’s on-again-off-again beau floating dead in Jen’s pool. The pair decides that they can’t go to the cops without appearing guilty, so they rekindle their quirky friendship in order to protect their dark secret.

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Throughout the video, Jen and Judy are pondering exactly what they should do with Steve’s body. Although they had a rocky relationship, Judy believes that he deserves “some dignity”. Jen, on the other hand, is worried about being found out by the FBI, who seems to be on their tails.

With so much at stake, the duo finds themselves beginning to crack under the pressure of keeping such a major secret. This means that we’ll be seeing plenty of tears, laughter, screaming, and of course, drinking.

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Netflix has a weekend jam-packed with brand new and exciting content ready for viewers, including the new Paris-based series The Eddy, season two of The Hollow, and Valeria, which can be compared to Sex and the City.

Season two of Dead to Me hits Netflix on Friday, May 8. You can check out the trailer for the beloved dark comedy below.