If you had been thinking of making a break for it this spring, but haven’t gotten around to it yet, then there are still a few cheap flights out of Vancouver. Whether you want to go across the country to catch up with your besties or find yourself somewhere the sun always shines, you’ll find a destination that grabs you on this list.

KAYAK looked at Vancouverites’ March Break travel habits and found the hottest destinations they’re headed to — and you can still score flights to join in the fun.

They shared their findings in an email with Narcity and they're juicy. Surprisingly, a lot of Vancouver folks are heading to Toronto for their break.

Are they taking job interviews? Visiting their friends at U fo T? Exploring the city? Flights to Toronto are almost 20 percent cheaper than usual according to Kayak.

About 32 percent of Vancouverites are staying in Canada for their trip and destinations like Edmonton and Calgary are popular. 

If your budget is tight, then the best deals for travel were local destinations in Canada plus a few of the most amazing cities in the U.S. 

Here are nine of the cheapest and most popular destinations, with expected flight costs, out of Vancouver that will be popping this Spring Break:


Price: Around $118

Why You Need To Go: Whether you stay at the Fantasyland Hotel or skip the mall altogether, Edmonton is an affordable flight away.


Price: Around $179

Why You Need To Go: Vancouverites will love the foodie scene in Calgary and can use it as a basecamp to explore the rest of the province.


Price: Around $352

Why You Need To Go: T dot is calling Vancouverites — whether you want authentic jerk or just love chilling in a much larger city, it has a lot to offer.


Price: Around $513

Why You Need To Go: Want to feel a world away without blowing your budget? Montreal is like if Paris and New York had a baby and worth hitting up for spring break.

Los Angeles 

Price: Around $421

Why You Need To Go: There's way more to L.A. than just Disneyland. The city has great food, museums, architecture, bars and if you make it to the beach outside of town you're living the Cali life.

San Francisco

Price: Around $491

Why You Need To Go: If you love Vancouver, then you'll love San Francisco, too.

Las Vegas

Price: Around $514

Why You Need To Go: We don't need to convince you to go to Vegas, but there's more to discover than just the strip. Clubs, bars, strip clubs and casinos are just part of the city, after all!

New York

Price: Around $529

Why You Need To Go: New York is always a good idea, let the world's greatest city fill you with creative inspiration and tasty food for a great Spring Break.

San Diego

Price: Around $590

Why You Need To Go: This is the perfect destination if you want to get out on the water and into the wild while still checking out a California city.

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