We love finding cheap airfare, but every now and then a real deal pops up that actually gets us checking to see if we have vacation days and room on our credit cards. You can get flights from Vancouver to Tokyo right now for super cheap. Plus, there are deals from cities like Calgary and Montreal for not much more. If you want to jump on a plane last minute this summer β€” or even next year β€” and take advantage of super discounted tickets, this is your chance.

We've seen cheap flights between Canada and Japan before, but there are so many deals across the board right now that it's almost unprecedented.

Vancouver could be the best place in the world outside of Japan to experience things like cherry blossoms and sushi.

If you haven't gotten a chance yet to experience where these classic Vancouver transplants came from, then you should definitely put Japan on your bucket list.

Anyone who's been obsessed with Terrace House on Netflix would love to check out Tokyo. 

There are so many restaurants that you cannot physically go to every one of them, even if you had a lifetime.

Plus, it's the birthplace of shops like Muji and Oomomo, and it's easy to develop a shopping problem in the city.

Some of the dates for this flight deal could actually put you in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics.

Or, you can fly into Tokyo and use it as a jumping-off point to visit the rest of the country.

Here's How To Get The Deal

Go to Google Flights and search for flights between your city and Tokyo.

Pull up the calendar and pick the cheapest dates. Play around with the dates, searching from Tuesday to Tuesday as you go looking for the best deal for you.

For Vancouver, there were a ton of selections when we found our cheap flight for $588. For Calgary, we found flights for $594.

The cheapest flights operate with Delta Air and had a stopover in Seattle.

Typically, you might expect to drop at least $1000 on a round trip ticket from Vancouver to Tokyo.

That means right now, basically, two people can fly for the price of one.

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