The snow has got most Vancouverites bundled up indoors. However, those brave enough to journey outside might be rewarded with kitten cuddles and free bubble tea. Enjoy free bubble tea at Catoro Cafe in Vancouver on Wednesday, January 15, when you book a visit with the cats.

The Totoro-inspired cat cafe is giving out one free drink per person to anyone who books a 30-minute visit with their cats on Wednesday, January 15.

"With most classes cancelled today, what better place to be than snuggling one of our warm, cuddly kitties?" they wrote on their Instagram post. 

Owner Nathan Chan said he started the event to bring in customers from the snow. "Everyone's snowed in and a lot of people don't want to come out," said Chan to Narcity.

After announcing the event, he's had 30 customers today.

The most cuddly bubble tea spot in Vancouver does a ton of fun promos and events. No one can forget their epic all-you-can-drink bubble tea deal and the Christmas movie nights with the cats.

According to Chan, they work with local shelters who supply their cats, as well as the Cat Therapy and Rescue Society. All cats live in the cafe 24/7 and all are up for adoption.

They have 24 different cats listed for adoption on their website, and we can confirm they are all adorable and certified good boys (and girls).

"The problem with most cat shelters is that they don't have enough exposure and they aren't perceived to be an attractive place to visit in the public eye," reads their website.

The cafe also has a zero-waste policy, utilizing completely biodegradable cups and "100% reusable" bamboo straws. They don't even have garbage bins inside; cups are returned to the counter in exchange for tokens. 

"Each PLA cup that is returned will be cleaned, then broken down for processing, all in house," their website reads.

You can book a visit with the cats for 30 minutes at $8.50 or for 65 minutes at $15.00.

While there, be sure to check out their tea classics like the Foggy Cat or Pink Cloud. Drinks run between $5 and $7, with add-ons like pearls and mango stars running at $0.50.

Catoro Cafe

Price: One free drink for a 30-minute visit on January 15. Normally $5 to $7 for drinks, $0.50 for add-ons.

Address: 666 East Broadway St, Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: Cuddle with cats and get in on the deals.

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