Free food is good food. Right now, Fido customers can get themselves a free Harvey's burger. That's not a bad way to brighten your mood.

The delicious deal is available to the carrier's customers through the company's XTRA app. There, they can grab a coupon for the free burger.

All you have to do is get the promo code and apply it to an order on the Harvey's app (which you'll also have to use to get this deal).

Customers can get their free food code any time until May 27, 2020. Basically, if you feel like having a burger in the next month, and you also happen to have a Fido phone, you can get one without spending a dime.

Luckily, during this time, Harvey's is offering mobile pick-up and drive-thru services at their locations.

They've even perfected their social distancing game by using a hockey stick to extend their card machine to you.

The code is available for a one time use only, so, unfortunately, you can't just go get as many free burgers as you want.

Customers can choose between an original Harvey's burger or one of their amazing veggie burgers.

The Fido XTRA app claims there are over 8 million ways to customize your burger, but we're not going to count to confirm that.

Many fast-food restaurants have had to find ways to cope with the decline in business, as well as the influx of delivery and takeout orders.

McDonald's Canada recently removed 10 items from its menu in order to simplify its kitchen operations and maintain social distancing.

Tim Hortons has turned to offering drive-thru service and curbside pick-up at its restaurants, allowing people without cars to still get served.

Harvey's has also been doing its part by providing half-price meals to frontline health workers.

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