Ask anyone what the best part of shopping at IKEA is, and the most likely answer you'll get is: the food. IKEA's meatballs have become legendary, and they're still a huge selling point. That's why the company is celebrating them with their own sort of holiday.

As it is every year, March 9 marks Meatball Day, a time to celebrate one of the Swedish furniture giant's crowning achievements: the perfect post-shopping meal.

On that day, you can get any of their meatball dishes for just $5.99.

Considering the fact that globally, IKEA sells about one billion meatballs a year, you might start to think that they take some shortcuts with the quality of their signature food.

However, that's not the case at all. As listed on the company's website, the recipe for the meatballs (the same as the frozen ones for sale in the marketplace) is as follows: meat, onion, breadcrumbs, egg, water, salt, and pepper.

Oh, you didn't know that you could buy bags of frozen meatballs to enjoy at home? Well, you totally can. They even sell the signature sauce that goes on top of them.

That means you don't have to buy a new dresser just to get some delicious spheres of beef and pork. They even have frozen chicken and salmon meatballs if you feel so inclined.

Like so many other companies have already done, IKEA will also be stepping foot into the world of plant-based food with meatless meatballs (can you still call them that?) in some of their markets in August.

The new vegan balls will be made with pea protein, oats, apple and potato, according to the Financial Post.

Unlike the company's existing veggie balls, which were introduced in 2015, these ones will be made to simulate the texture and flavour of meat.

Considering that IKEA's spring sale is also happening right now, March 9 will pretty much be the perfect day to browse for some new items and fill yourself up with meaty goodness.

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