Get your game on! There are so many Nintendo Switch games on a huge discount right now so you can play to your heart's desire for only a few bucks. Plus, you can even get your hands on free to start content for some big bargain fun.

Whether you own the original Switch or the Switch Lite, the games here are worth trying out in handheld or docked mode.

Nintendo originally had a super sale in April, with tons of big names selling for less than $1. It seems like the sales keep coming because this month there are hundreds of games selling for cheap prices. 

According to Nintendo's website, there are 440 games that range in price from $0 to $4.99, and 44 games that are totally free to start. 

You can find titles like The Four Kings Casino and Slots, Island Saver, Pokemon HOME, Warface, Angry Bunnies: Colossal Carrot Crusade, Super Kirby Clash, Growtopia, Fortnite, and Tetris 99 that are free to download and play.

The YouTube app is also available for free download, so you can watch your favourite gamers' videos from your Switch device.

For less than $1, titles including Car Quest, Mecho Tales, Knight Swap 2, Biolab Wars, Lines XL and Henry The Hamster Handler can be all yours.

What about games that cost the same amount as a pack of gum? For $1.25 you can play Jigsaw Masterpieces, Colorgrid, Soccer Pinball, Grid Mania, Ding Dong XL, Just Black Jack,  and Unlock The King. 

For double that price, you can download Pocket Mini Golf, Go! Fish! Go!, Box Align, Home Escape, 12 orbits, puzzlement, Tinboy, Zenge, Soap Dodgem, and FunBox Party.

Some fun names that you can score in the $3 to $5 range include Troubleshooter, Mushroom Quest, Safari Pinball, Alchemist's Castle, 99Moves, Jurassic Pinball, Chop is Dish, Cake Laboratory, Crazy Zen Mini Golf, and Zen Chess Collection.

Really looking to get the bang for your buck? There are tons of titles that originally retailed for up to $29.99 and are now marked down to less than $5.

That includes Overlanders, Hollow, Startide, Party Golf, Build a Bridge!, Forest Home, Party Crashers, Pinstripe, Tiny Gladiators, and Escape Doodland.

With over 3000 games to choose from on Nintendo's website, you're sure to find a deal that satisfies your love for gaming.

If you really want a bargain, you can get games with free demos to try before you buy and games that are totally free to download and enjoy. 

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