Do you love free pizza? Do you like the Toronto Raptors? Do you want me to stop asking you hypothetical questions and just get to the point already? Well, good news! Toronto Raptors' Pizza Pizza Score a Slice is back, which means every time the Raptors win with at least 100 points, you get a free pepperoni or cheese slice with the purchase of any slice the next day! So, not only is your favourite team winning, but they are also buying you lunch the next day, which is a pretty good deal.

So, how do you ensure that you never waste another free pizza opportunity ever again? Well, according to the Raptors website, all you need to do is download the Raptors mobile app to redeem the offer. As you soon as Toronto sinks that 100th basket, you should see an in-app offer to redeem your free slice.

It's worth noting the in-app offer only becomes redeemable the day after the game, so you can’t just run out for a late-night bite immediately after Kyle Lowry hits that beautiful three.

Also, if you’re thinking 100 points is a rarity, think again, the Raptors scored 100 points and won 30 times in 41 homes games last season. As you’ve probably guessed, that’s a lot of free pizza in your stomach thanks to the champs.

According to Pizza Pizza, the offer is available throughout the entire 2019-2020 NBA season at participating locations in Ontario. The lucrative deal is limited to one free slice per customer, so don’t be getting all greedy and trying to score numerous slices.

However, in order to score your free slice, you do need to purchase an additional slice. So make sure to bring your friends and turn the day into a pizza party. 

If you’re not a pizza fan, perhaps McDonald's relaunch of its Beyond The Arch Campaign will interest you. The offer allows fans to score free medium fries off the Raptors every time they score twelve or more three-pointer during a game.

All you have to do to redeem the offer is download the McDonalds app and pray to the basketball gods for your free food. 

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