Stop what you’re doing and cancel your winter plans, there’s discounted flights between Montreal and The Bahamas, and they’ll cost you less than $500! If you’re looking to escape the cold Canadian winter this year, temperatures in The Bahamas are 30 degrees, and there’s some big savings to be found online. Tickets from Montreal To The Bahamas are now only $425 for a round-trip, and it sounds like the Carribean is calling!

While a trip to The Bahamas in the Carribean sounds like a dream trip, it also sounds like an expensive one. However, be prepared to be surprised, as flights in January and February 2020 actually cost less than $450 for a round-trip.

As the snow begins to fall and the days get colder and darker, it’s easy to start day-dreaming about a bit of winter sun. While most Canadians are more-than-accustomed to a cold, white winter, a special, sunny vacation in January might be the Christmas present we all truly deserve.

With beautiful islands, some of the world’s best beaches, incredible snorkelling opportunities and average winter temperatures of around 30 C, it’s going to be almost impossible not to blow all your Christmas money on this trip of a lifetime.

While flights usually range anywhere between $600 and $900 to fly to The Bahamas from Canada, these specific dates between January and February are super discounted.

If you're prepared to grab your passport, pack your bag and get going in the next couple of months, you can literally nab flights to this dream destination for just over $400 roundtrip!

According to Secret Flying, there are cheap flights between the two destinations throughout the winter period, with some great opportunities for a bargain at the start of 2020.

Some examples of discounted dates in January and February 2020, as suggested by Secret Flying, are:

  • January 19-February 3

  • January 22-February 3

  • January 26-February 3

  • January 26-February 8

  • January 29-February 13

  • January 31-February 8

  • January 31-February 17

To get your hands on these incredible deals, you can either follow the links provided on Secret Flying or use the Skyscanner price-comparison website for your chosen dates.

Remember that flight prices are known to change and fluctuate, and special deals can change at any time.

If another cold, dark Canadian Christmas isn’t on the cards for you this winter, why not start 2020 off with a bang in the Bahamas?!

More details and additional date suggestions can be found here.

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