No one wants to stress about their budget when planning their dream vacay. We don't know about you, but we're ridiculously excited to ride the new Star Wars Rise of the Resistance ride coming to the Happiest Place on Earth and eat our fill of holiday-flavored churros. If you're planning to visit Mickey and friends this year, these Disneyland money-saving hacks will help make your trip a real dream come true. 

Avoid Booking a Hotel During Anaheim Convention Center Conference Dates

Conferences at the Anaheim Convention Center are some of the biggest gatherings on the west coast. Whenever it's conference season, nearby hotel prices skyrocket. To avoid steep hotel fees and to snag the best deals, check whether or not there are conferences near Disneyland before booking. 

Buy Discounted Disneyland Tickets From Official Park Partners

Disneyland doesn't offer discounted tickets on their website. But did you know there are places other than the park window to buy tickets? If you don't have an annual pass, this could be a good way to save some serious cash. One official Disneyland park partner is Get Away Today. You can save around $20 per ticket!

Booking An Offseason Disneyland Vacation Package Could Save You Money

While it's easy to want to shy away from vacation packages, they could actually be cheaper if you look at the bigger picture. Booking one during the park's offseason (usually February through March) is surprisingly affordable. Some packages will not only save you cash on hotels and park tickets but also give you exclusive bonuses and rewards.

Snatch Up All Of Those Free Souvenirs

What's better than free stuff at the Happiest Place on Earth? There are free souvenirs at Disneyland you can get with these secret tips. You can get a complimentary celebration button at City Hall, a map at the Jungle Cruise, and more! 

Buy Your Disneyland Character Dining Vouchers In Advance

Dining with your favorite Disney characters is one of those things you have to add to your bucket list. If you buy your dinner tickets in advance, you can save up to 10% of the total cost. Score!

Skip the Fancy Disney Hotels and Stay At A "Good Neighbor" Hotel Instead

No, this isn't a Mr. Roger-themed room. Disneyland hotels are charming, but there are plenty of nice, affordable stays you can get offsite. And plenty of them are close to the park. Good neighbor hotels are regular accommodations Disney partners with that offer cheaper rooms for park visitors. You can find a list of them here

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