Georgians are beside themselves since the announcement of Sugar Factory making its way to our peachy state. We too want the candy-dripped ice cream and the milkshakes topped with mini cheeseburgers. Yes, we deserve. The glorious confectionery heaven is finally arriving this month and they're coming with the works. Sugar Factory Atlanta Groupon deals are real and they are amazing. 

We all love a good Groupon and this one is honestly almost too good to be true. Groupon has two insane deals for Sugar Factory Atlanta. The first is a $28 voucher for two or more people and the other is a $52 voucher for four or more people. These are huge cuts since the original prices of these groupons were $40 and $80.

All things come with fine print, but these terms actually aren't that bad. Firstly, your voucher can't be redeemed until Sept. 16, which is okay since the grand opening is on Sept. 27 (did we mention Nick Cannon is DJing the party?). The voucher is good for the next 90 days so no rush, but you should go sooner than later of course.

You must make a reservation online to use your groupon and yes, your party has to match whichever voucher you choose. No cheating! You can buy two vouchers at a time and an additional two as gifts, but you can only use one voucher per visit (a perfect reason to come back a second and third time).

With these prices and the amount of crazy concoctions with candy wonderland comes up with, you're not going to want to miss out. The new location will have indoor and outdoor seating, a candy store, a fully stocked bar and a gummy bear chandelier. This is going to be a party destination you have to visit, so why not do it for a cheap price?

Grab your best gal pals and make a group date out of it. If you still need a place to grab drinks afterward, you should consider trying a unicorn cocktail at this rooftop bar in the city. 


Sugar Factory Atlanta Groupons

Original Price: $40 to $80 

Sale Price: $28 to $52 

Why You Need It: The coming-soon Sugar Factory Atlanta is opening this month and these deals will cut your dinner (or just dessert) costs practically in half. 

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