Bookworms, it's your time to shine. You're going to have more than enough reading time fo a while. However, if you're worried you might run out of material, you have to turn to libraries in Atlanta that are providing all the titles you could possibly dream of and more. 

While the Fulton County Library System may not be operating its physical locations right now, you still have options for renting titles. That's because you can actually rent e-books and audiobooks if you have a library card.

Since you can download these titles right to your e-reader, phone or computer, you don't even have to leave the house to get them. If you're tight on cash at the moment, you can take advantage of this service because it's completely free.

All you have to do is go to the Fulton County Library System website and log in with your library PIN number. You can find this on the back of your library card. Then, you can browse a wide array of e-books and audiobooks for your reading and listening pleasure.

There are different file formats available, so whether you want to read on a Kindle or on your phone, you have options. Also, you won't have to worry about late fees because once your book is due, it will just disappear.

When you're searching for the perfect title, you can browse through all the genres or search for something specific.

Since you get to browse the collections of every library in the county, you may be surprised at just how many amazing titles you'll find.

Of course, sometimes you just need the physical copy of a book. When that's the case, you can actually get free delivery from a bookstore in town. That way, you can get all of your reading materials as easily as possible.

Staying inside is easy as can be when you have everything you could possibly want to read all in one place.

Fulton County Library 

Sale Price: Free (with library card)

Why You Need It: You can read the day away for free while you're relaxing at home.

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