We've turned our houses into movie theaters, gyms, and offices, so why not turn them into our favorite Vegas destinations? These Zoom virtual backgrounds bring Las Vegas to your meetings and group chats, transporting you from your house to the Strip. You can add some pizazz to your workday and feel like you've ventured out into the city.

The Visit Las Vegas website has saved our daily meetings from complete and utter boredom blues by creating these themed virtual backgrounds. Now you can spice up your calls and get a scenic view of the city while still being productive at work.

You can choose from 20 videos or seven photos to upload to your Zoom account, then watch as you are whisked away to your favorite Vegas locations.

Depending on your mood, you can throw on a video of Fremont Sreet or the inside of the Bellagio and feel like you're strolling along the mesmerizing hallways and boulevards.

In case your boss isn't thrilled with the movements and motions of the videos, you can choose gorgeous still shots of the Bellagio Fountains or Paris Hotel, ideal for more relaxing air.

You can even take a ride on the High Roller Wheel and scope birds-eye views of the Strip as you get ready for an end of day cocktail... after you've signed off, of course.

After work, invite your friends to join a group chat for a club night and a virtual cocktail hour.

The nightclub setting gives you all the party perks without the crowds and cover fees. You can even throw on some music to feel the vibes.

We won't lie and say we haven't left our backgrounds up a little longer than necessary. It just felt so good to be back in the swing of things, even if it was only virtually.

So throw on a work-appropriate top and leave your PJs on the bottom in the new version of a work mullet, then upload these fun virtual backgrounds to spice up your at-home office.

Las Vegas Virtual Backgrounds

Price: Free

Why You Need It: Turn your work meetings into a work trip to Vegas with these free backgrounds you can download to use in your Zoom meetings.


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