Since winter is upon us and North Carolina can get VERY cold, we are all thinking of more warm destinations, like the Carribean. The only downside to this is usually the price it costs to get to these dream destinations. Lucky for us, Delta is having a massive Black Friday sale that will be going until Dec. 1 for cheap flights from North Carolina to the Virgin Islands this spring.  

You can fly from the Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina airport to the St. Thomas, Virgin Islands airport in March for under $300. Yes, you read that right, it was not a typo. It might be a few months away, but it'll take you that long to figure out what to pack so you can be styling on the island. 

This is the best time to book your spring break trip because prices aren't going to get lower than this. If you've been wanting to plan a trip to a tropical island but it hasn't been the right time, this is your sign that you need to book.

There are a few more deals Delta is having at just about every North Carolina airport that will take you down south for under $500 and you can see them all here. 

St. Thomas is known for its beautiful white beaches and clear blue water and just giving you that feeling of paradise. Not to mention the architecture here is a must-see during your trip. 

To get this deal, you need to travel between the dates of March 17 or 18, 2020, to either March 24, 25 or 26. We suggest traveling from March 17 to March 26 so you get many days in the sun. 

Your total should come out to be somewhere around $298 round-trip. The fastest flight will only be a five-hour plane ride, but it could take up to 12 hours to arrive at your destination due to layovers and such, so be conscious when booking.

Be on the lookout for flight deals all throughout the holiday season because many airlines are starting to announce them.

Frontier has offered a few cheap flights from Florida to all different spots across the US and Norwegian Airlines is offering a sweet deal to Paris from Texas in 2020

Flight From NC to the Virgin Islands 

Price: $298

When: Book from now until December 1 for a spring trip 

Address: 2400 John Brantley Blvd, Morrisville, NC 27560

Why You Need To Go: These prices are insanely cheap and it would make the perfect spring break destination without breaking the bank.