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Demi Lovato Has Finally Broken The Silence After Her Recent Relapse And Overdose

Lovato revealed she is ready for the road to recovery.
Demi Lovato Has Finally Broken The Silence After Her Recent Relapse And Overdose

Demi Lovato has broken her silence after she was rushed to hospital after being found unconscious in her home on July 24. While what she took is still unconfirmed, the singer had overdosed and been treated for narcotics by paramedics.

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The singer has now taken to Instagram to share that she is ready to fight for recovery once again. 

Lovato shared that she has always been open about the struggle she faces when it comes to her addictions but that wouldn't stop her effort to fight them. Considering the support she has from not only friends, family, and a medical team, she also has fans all over the world rooting for her to get back on track. 

While she did say that she needs time to heal, she thanked her fans for their continued support during a difficult time. 

Her fans were actually very quick to show their support with Lovato and have been tweeting out messages sending love. They also mentioned how she had conquered her addiction before and she could do it again. 

me before demi released statement: i love demi lovato i hope she has a healthy and happy day me after demi released statement: MISS LOVATO I LOVE YOU BITCH CMON YOU’LL KEEP FIGHTING LETS GOOO BITCH CMON CMON!

August 5, 2018

i have been waiting so patiently for @ddlovato to release a statement.. so glad she is okay 😘

August 5, 2018

“I will keep fighting”- Demi Lovato

August 5, 2018

To @ddlovato PROUD OF YOU. Fight the good fight. You’re too precious not to. Stay grateful and strong. #selfcare#sobriety#StayStrongDemi#OneDayAtATime

August 5, 2018

Prior to her relapse, Lovato had celebrated being sober for 6 years. She released her single "Sober" earlier this year which is what revealed that she had broken her sobriety in June. 

It seems like the singer is focusing on her health and what's right for her during this time and we couldn't be happier. Struggling with addiction is a hard battle but if anyone who can fight, it's Demi. 

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