After watching her amazing comeback performance at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, so many celebrities have been sending Demi Lovato love on Instagram. When the singer saw a kind message from a certain Canadian actress she reposted it, and it quickly became clear just how much Demi Lovato loves Schitt’s Creek.

Stars showing love to Lovato after her performance included Christina Aguilera, Jaclyn Hill, and Emily Hampshire, who plays the role of Stevie Budd on the hit Canadian sitcom.

Hampshire posted a snippet from Lovato’s performance on her Instagram story, writing, “I’m still 🤯, 💔& ❤️ swelled by @ddlovato performance at last night’s #grammys 😭CANNOT STOP listening!”

The 27-year-old singer saw the sweet message and reposted it to her story, not only thanking Hampshire for her kind words but also admitting that she’s a fan of her work as well. “The Schitt’s Creek fan girl in me is dying over this 😂😂😂,” Lovato wrote.

If you didn’t catch the Grammys on Sunday night, the former Disney Channel star was one of the many performers of the evening. What made Lovato’s performance really stand out though is that it was her first one since her alleged overdose in July of 2018, according to CNN.

The performance was not an easy one for Lovato, but after getting emotional on her first attempt at singing the song, she took a moment to compose herself and then delivered an unforgettable show.

Lovato sang a new song called “Anyone” and she revealed in an interview with Apple Music Beats 1 earlier this week that the track was written just days before the incident.

Lovato isn’t the only celebrity to admit that she loves Schitt’s Creek. Plenty of other stars, including Jennifer Lawrence and Mariah Carey, have shown their support for the show in one way or another.

Be sure to check out Lovato’s emotional performance of “Anyone” below.