2018 was a hard year for Demi Lovato, but she's ready to make 2019 her own. A few months back, 7 exactly, news came out that Demi Lovato had an overdose and was rushed to the hospital. Fans around the whole world cried and worried as they waited for news. Miraculously, Demi pulled through and has been laying low ever since. Demi Lovato made her first public appearance 7 months after her overdose.  

Demi has kept a low profile in the last few months, especially when she entered rehab after her overdose. Every now and then, she'll post on her Instagram or Instagram stories whether it's going to vote or knocking out her trainers front tooth (yes, that happened). But last night her stories were a little different, but also so Demi. 

If you watched her Simply Complicated documentary on YouTube, then you would know that Demi and her friends love something called "Emo Nite" which is essentially a ton of people rocking out to "emo" music at a club or bar. Demi, who loves this night, made her first appearance back with friends since her overdose. She was also seen rocking out with Travis Clark who is the lead singer of We The Kings. 

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In her stories, Demi looks so, so happy just screaming the lyrics to bands like Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Simple Plan, and more. It's really great to see Demi doing what she loves, and at one point she even grabbed the mic to sing Paramore's Misery Business. Obviously, her notes were on point. 

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We're seriously so happy to see Demi doing what she loves. Hopefully, this means she's ready to be back singing with her fans, as they definitely all miss her.