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Denny's Canada Has A Brand New Beyond Meat Burger & It's Free Today

Calling all vegans, vegetarians and plant-based enthusiasts!

If you’ve been looking for a reason to go out and get yourself a treat this week, there’s a good excuse right here. Denny’s is introducing a brand new plant-based burger, and it’s launching with a special offer. For one day only, Denny’s new Beyond Meat burger will be totally free with any drink, and it’s landing in Canada this week!

Whatever you’re doing on Thursday - cancel it. Between the hours of 11 a.m. and 10 p.m., customers can taste-test the new menu item for free, as long as you buy any beverage to go with it.

On their website, Denny’s explains that the free burger does not have a side included, and that it is only available while quantities last. So if you’re super keen to try it - don’t leave it too late!

The new snack is served on a soft multigrain bun, and features a 100% plant-based patty from the popular meat alternative company, sliced tomatoes and onions, lettuce, pickles and American cheese.

According to a press release from the restaurant chain, Denny's is "meeting guests' desire to move toward a flexitarian diet.”

“We could not be more excited to add the Beyond Burger to our permanent lineup ... as we continue to innovate and expand our menu to meet evolving dietary preferences,” the company’s chief brand officer added.

The new meal was initially tested at Denny’s locations in Los Angeles alone, but the success there has led to a North-American roll-out of the product.

This week, the new dish will be offered at more than 1,700 Denny's stores across Canada and the US.

“The positive response we received validated our decision to partner with Beyond Meat to introduce our guests to a plant-based option,” a company representative explained.

Denny’s latest product will come as welcome news to Beyond Meat lovers, who got news recently that Tim Hortons will no longer serve these plant-based products.

That said, there’s certainly no shortage of faux-meat options on the Canadian fast-food scene, as companies like Subway, A&W and Mucho Burrito have embraced the meat-free trend.

To make the most out of the diner’s special offer on Thursday, all you have to do is get yourself to a local store and buy a drink, then ask for your complimentary burger!

You can track down a participating Denny’s location by clicking here.