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An American City Is Struggling With Their Canada Geese Population So They've Decided To Eat Them

The city will be conducting roundups to decrease the population of Canadian geese.
An American City Is Struggling With Their Canada Geese Population So They've Decided To Eat Them

As Canadians, we've learned to live with the overpopulation of Canadian geese that will forever plague our nation. Whether we find them cute and adorable or are avoiding them on the sidewalk because we know they could attack at any minute, we've become accustomed to sharing our country with the growing population. However, it looks like Americans are starting to have quite a problem with the influx of Canadian geese that are appearing down south. So much so, that Denver, Colorado has decided to manage their Canadian geese population by adding geese meat as a local dish. 

Yes, you read that correctly. According to the Denver Parks and Recreation website, in an attempts to deal with the overpopulation of Canadian geese in their area, they will be killing some of the birds and distributing their meat to charitable organizations and wildlife rehabilitation facilities. 

Denver Parks and Recreation states that the meat will be referred to the United States Department of Agriculture to determine whether the meat is suitable for human consumption. According to Global News, if the meat passes the test it will be donated to 'needy families' across the city. 

While Canadian Geese are usually protected under the U.S. Migratory Birds Act, the city of Denver has been granted permission by the federal government to round up some of these geese to help deal with the overpopulation. 

Denver Parks and Recreation state that they have attempted a variety of other management strategies for the past fifteen years, including dipping eggs in oil, but these strategies have not been effective enough.  

This overpopulation in geese has led to vegetation destruction, sanitation concerns, and poor water quality. 

According to Global News, 300 Canadian geese were collected in a roundup on July 1, ironically enough, on Canada Day. They believe that Denver is currently trying to deal with a geese population of over 5,000. 

While the city does not want to get rid of the entire geese population, they state that they need to do something to get rid of some of these pesky creatures, and roundups are currently the only solution.  

Surprisingly enough, Denver wouldn't be the first American state to do this. According to Global, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland have all previously allowed goose meat to be accepted at food banks. 

The reasoning behind donating the goose meat, according to the Denver Parks and Recreation, is because they don't want the meat to go to waste after these Canadian geese have been slaughtered. 

However, many people don't seem to agree with this tactic and a petition has been created in attempts to fire Denver Parks and Recreation's national direction, Scott Gilmore.