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22 Unique Places To Take A Date In Denver If You Don't Drink

Not a drinker - not a problem.
22 Unique Places To Take A Date In Denver If You Don't Drink

Admittedly we live in a society where not drinking is atypical and no matter how good your reasoning is for avoiding it, sometimes you will get shamed for being "no fun" - believe me, I know.

This can occasionally make it a challenge to think of date ideas that don't involve the devils' water and don't even get me started on how hard it can be when you want to go on a double date with your best bud who can throw back a whole 12 pack.

Luckily you won't be defeated that easily. Instead, you will suggest some pretty sweet date night ideas in Denver that don't specifically involve bars, so even if you want to head out on a double date you can skip out on the carb-filled headache-in-a-bottle while everyone else can, well, decide their after-morning fate. At least one thing will be certain - a good time.

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Linger Eatuary

Where: 2030 W 30th Ave

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Dine in Denver's very own mortuary-turned-restaurant eatery, Linger. Besides the morbid and kind of unappetizing history of the building, the restaurant is often touted for their delicious meals and scenic rooftop seating. They even serve non-alcoholic cocktails - how cool is that?


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Fifty-Two 80's

Where: 1874 S Broadway

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If your girl doesn't recognize anything in this shop, she's too young for you bro. Fifty-Two 80's is a unique shop full of trinkets from your childhood. From first generation Pokemon cards to original superhero figurines and everything in between, you will have no problem spending hours enjoying this blast-from-the-past store. As the shop likes to put it, give the gift of a memory; and we couldn't have said it better ourselves.


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Indian Hot Springs

Where: 302 Soda Creek Rd, Idaho Springs

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Who needs to drink when other recreational activities are way more entertaining, you know, like soaking in a mineral hot spring together. Indian Hot Springs is only a short drive from the city, making it the perfect spot to go when you just need to unwind and escape reality. If you're feeling particularly generous, a couples massage at their spa would be a nice addition.


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12 Mile Stable

Where: 5547 South Parker Road, Aurora

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Ride into the sunset with your sweetheart at 12 Mile Stable. With over 3000 acres and 27 miles of trails, this fantastic date idea is not only unique - it will keep you busy for hours. While all of their trail rides are great and reasonably priced, my personal recommendation is the sunset and dinner ride.


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Casa Bonita

Where: 6715 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood

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Nope, this isn't just another fictional place on South Park. There are no other Mexican restaurants that come even close to Casa Bonita. With great food, shows, divers that land in the pool with a 30-foot waterfall, gift shop, arcade, and a flamboyant Mexican atmosphere, you won't even remember that you're not actually in a tropical South American destination.


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88 Drive-In Theatre

Where: 8780 Rosemary St, Henderson

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Regular movie theater dates are great and all, but drive-in movie dates are even better. No need to worry about outrageously priced snacks and uncomfortable chairs - go to the local discount mart and grab your faves then layer your trunk up with blankets for a really fun movie night. Heck, you don't even have to watch the movie.


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Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Where: 2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver

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In fact, while we're on the topic of movies, another unique option is to see a 3D movie at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (plus you can tour the museum while you wait for the showing aka. skip the 20 minutes of advertisements). They show an array of great movies playing at any given time, so if you're ever feeling like adding an extra D to your movie experience, this is the place.


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Berry Patch Farms

Website: 13785 Potomac St, Brighton

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Spend a day harvesting produce at Berry Patch Farms. There is something oddly satisfying about passing the time doing something so simple - and great tasting. The best part: organic, fresh picked ingredients for dinner.


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Where: 853 Santa Fe Drive

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The crafting classes at Candelaria are often a favorite date choice among couples, and it's pretty clear why. They offer an array of classes and workshops, including candle and wreath making, macrame, fluid art, dream catchers, terrarium, fairy and Kokedama gardens. Then take your crafts home for an eternal reminder of all the fun you had on this special date.


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Miette et Chocolat

Where: 2501 Dallas St Suite 176, Aurora

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Chocolate has long been a symbol of love, and we don't expect that to change anytime soon - so with that in mind, the deserts at Mitte et Chocolat will not disappoint the chocolate lover in your life. Seriously, I'm getting hungry just looking at these photos.


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The Wizard’s Chest

Where: 451 Broadway

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Everyday is Halloween at The Wizard's Chest. This hidden gem of a store is like an adult playground. You can get lost for hours browsing the costume selection - and if you start trying stuff on, well, then you're really in for a full day of laughs and entertainment (and wishing every day really was Halloween). This store is pure shenanigans.


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Dinosaur Ridge

Where: 16831 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison

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It's not quite Jurassic Park, but while scientists are still working on bringing the dinos back to life, you can still check out their fossilized footprints at Dinosaur Ridge.


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Where: Lower Downtown

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Forget the mall, go on a date and support your local community at the same time. Lower Downtown, more commonly known by locals as LoDo, is a popular historic and shopping destination for when you and bae are craving a commercial day out.


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Lakeside Amusement Park

Where: 4601 Sheridan Boulevard

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Need some extra excitement in your relationship? Lake Amusementument Park can help. This adorable theme park has been operating for over a century and still retains an old-rickety charm you just won't find anywhere else in the city. Oh, and cotton candy and caramel apples are a totally acceptable dinner date.


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Epic Escape Game

Where: 1750 N, Gilpin St

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Put your brilliant minds together and give one of Denver's top-rated escape rooms a go. There are several games to choose from, so pick the one that sounds most appealing and prove your smarts or be shamed forever. Just kidding, you'll only be shamed for a few days - but you don't have to worry about that because two minds are better than one, right?


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Adams Mystery Playhouse

Website: 2406 Federal Blvd

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Maybe you can crack the escape room - but do you have what it takes to figure out who committed the perfect crime? If you're a couple who enjoy an interactive show with your dinner, a murder mystery at Adams Mystery Playhouse would be in order. So, whodunit?


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Aviano Coffee

Where: 244 Detroit St

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The early bird gets the worm - and a delicious cup of coffee at one of Denver's finest artisan coffee shops. Sometimes the best ingredient for a perfect date is nothing more than caffeine. So, who's up for a cuppa?


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Denver Zoo

Where: 2300 Steele Street

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Ok, I know what you're thinking - the zoo isn't a unique idea, and you're right for the most part. However, an up-close encounter with the zoo animals IS a unique date. I mean seriously, how often do you get to pet penguins and see big cats up close? Well, there's nothing stopping you now.


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Denver Botanic Gardens

Where: 1007 York St

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You know those cute couple's selfies you've been meaning to take? Yeah, the Denver Botanic Gardens is one of the best places for it. With all the beautifully placed flower arrangements, you won't have any trouble finding the perfect background - don't forget to bring a tripod to take photos like these! Did I mention they have free days throughout the year? Why pay for something you can get for free - am I right?!


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Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours

Where: N/A

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Spend a day getting chauffeured in style (and comfort) all around Denver's hottest tourist attractions. What's really great about the hilariously named Banjo Billy's Bus Tour is that you have a choice of going on a history tour, ghost tour or private tour - and sitting on a couch or saddle.


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Glazed & Confuzed

Where: 2501 Dallas St, Aurora

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Fresh donuts, get your fresh donuts! Glazed & Confuzed is a totally hip donut shop that serves a ton of off-the-wall flavored donuts topped with a deliciously sweet glaze - both made fresh daily. Time to treat yourselves to some real donuts, plus where else will you be able to find CBD oil infused pastries?


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Regal Vintage

Where: 1866 S Broadway

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Shopping at Regal Vintage can be considered a modern-day treasure hunt. You never know what kind of vintage item you're going to find, and at the very least it's pretty entertaining to pick out some ridiculous clothes for each other to try on.


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