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30 Secret Places In Denver To Bring Your Girlfriend This Summer

Both of your Instagrams are about to be lit.
30 Secret Places In Denver To Bring Your Girlfriend This Summer

Before you know it, you and your girlfriend are stuck in a routine. The dates become repetitive and sometimes, they even start to happen on the same night each week. It happens to all of us!

It's easy to stop exploring a city you've familiar with. You keep tabs on new coffee shops to try out or a new exhibit that's on at the museum, but you end up sticking to what you're comfortable with. 

But Denver has so much to offer. There are short day trips you can take to go on some spectacular hikes, there are endless restaurants to eat at, and there are some crazy activities to get your adrenaline going. And who better to go exploring with than your loved one?

So whip out this list whenever your girlfriend says, "But, babe. We already stayed in last night to watch Netflix. Can't we surprise me with something new?" And once you settle on one of these hidden gems, watch the brownie points roll in. 

Black Eye Coffee

Where: 3407 Navajo St.

This coffee shop is an Instagrammer's dream. Black Eye Coffee has rustic vibes with the wood furniture and brick wall. And the white table tops are ideal for taking food pictures. The coffee is great, but the secret weapon of this place has to be the avocado toast. Who cares if you can't afford a house because you're too busy eating avocados


Denver Museum Of Nature & Science

Where: 2001 Colorado Blvd

Obviously, most people know about the museum. And it's fun to go look around and check out the current exhibitions. But the secret to the museum is that the fourth floor has an outdoor viewing area that's the perfect place to see the Denver skyline. Head on up there to take a romantic photo of you and your girlfriend. Think about how cute it would be if you caught the sunset in the background!


Sloan's Lake Park

Where: 1700 N Sheridan Blvd

Skip Washington Park if you want a quiet afternoon. Instead, head to Sloan's Lake Park where you can get views of the city and the mountains. Pack a picnic lunch so you can have a nice meal after walking the two-mile trip around the lake. If you decide you'd rather skip the park when you get there, Hogshead Brewery is nearby. Head on over there for a drink to wind down!


Adam's Mystery Playhouse

Where: 2406 Federal Blvd

Dinner and a movie? That's so last year. Dinner and a murder mystery? Now that's a date. Instead of playing Clue or watching the movie, live it! It's your time to shine if you want to dress up in a cute couple costume or just show up ready to laugh and have a good time. 


The 1Up

Where: 200 E Colfax Ave

Let the games begin! You and your girlfriend will be overwhelmed as soon as you walk into the arcade bar. Everywhere you look there are classic arcade games, pinball machines, and Skee-Ball. Not only that, there are several sets of Giant Jenga. Take your pick as you try to beat each other. Loser buys the winner beer?


Larimer Square

Where: 1430 Larimer St

This isn't Denver's greatest secret, but we all need reminders that places we've been to many times can still be amazing! There's really nothing more romantic than holding hands with the one you love and taking a night stroll under the canopy lights. Appreciate one another's company with the backdrop of Denver's most historic block!


Nuggs Ice Cream

Where: 5135 E Colfax Ave

If you aren't eating ice cream at least once a day, are you even experiencing summer? Check out this family-owned ice cream shop that has something for everyone. No, seriously. They have the classic flavors for people who want to play it safe and then more innovative flavors for the adventurous! If you really can't decide, Palisade Peach is the flavor everyone raves about.


Horsetooth Reservoir

Where: Fort Collins

Liar, liar! Pants on fire! Technically, this isn't in Denver, but sometimes you need a day trip to get away from the city. Horsetooth Reservoir is for those who want to experience the great outdoors. The reservoir has it all! You can camp, swim, kayak, and picnic there. If you only have time to do one thing there, definitely go on a hike. You can get incredible views of the reservoir and Fort Collins.


The Mercury Cafe

Where: 2199 California St

Dancing is definitely allowed in Denver. Put on your dancing shoes as you learn how to dance in styles like swing, salsa, tango, blues, and samba. Even if you have two left feet, you can take the class. All levels are welcome! The great thing about the Mercury Cafe is that right after the class, they have a DJ or a live band playing so you can show off your new skills. 


Denver Botanic Gardens

Where: 1007 York St

This is the ideal lowkey afternoon date place. Take your time as you walk through the many gardens and enjoy the weather. There are benches located throughout all the gardens so once you're tired, just sit down and look at the flowers as you hold your girlfriend. Plus, she'll love the fact that every inch of this place is worthy of an Insta pic. You're welcome.


Coors Brewery

Where: 502 14th St, Golden

Free beer? Uh, yes! Golden is less than a 30-minute drive from Denver and it's totally worth it. Head on over to take a tour of Coors Brewery if you want a good behind-the-scenes look at how beer is made. If you'd rather skip the tour, there is an option to head straight to the tasting room to drink 3 free samples of beers!


Bacon Social House

Where: 2434 W 44th Ave

Do you need a reason to go other than the name?! Go there for brunch or go there whenever you two have a craving for bacon. You really can't go wrong with ordering the Bacon Flight or Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. 


Whitewater Rafting And Ziplining

Where: 431 Chicago Creek Road, Idaho Springs

For the adrenaline junkies, you're gonna have to head to Idaho Springs (just a 30-minute drive from Denver!) for some real fun. AVA Rafting is a company that'll take you on some amazing adventures. You can zipline with them or even go white water rafting. Either way, you two will get your heart racing and you'll grow even closer because nothing screams "bonding time" quite like doing extreme activities.


Room 5280

Where: 1640 Logan St.

You don't know a person unless you're locked in a room with them. Head over to one of two locations that Room 5280 has. Each location has different scenarios, but one thing remains the same: you only have 60 minutes to solve the game. The real test is whether or not you two will work together and remain cool under pressure. The question remains: Will you escape?



Where: 1475 California St

Everything's classier on a rooftop bar. Take in the stunning view of downtown Denver at night while you drink under the string lights. The cocktails are good, but people have raved about the margaritas. Go see for yourself!


Fifty-Two 80's

Where: 1874 S Broadway

The nostalgia is real! Go back in time and relive what it was like to be in the '80s. This shop has everything from trading cards to vintage Pepsi cans to Smurfs. It's hard to walk through the store without wanting to pick everything up and play with it. Watching Stranger Things isn't the only way to relive the '80s!


Adrift Tiki Bar

Where: 218 S Broadway

If you couldn't make it to Hawaii this summer, don't worry. From the huge tiki torches that flank the entrance, you know you're in for a ride. Down a couple island-inspired drinks and even catch the bartenders breathing fire. No big deal. 

Adrift also holds hula lessons every Saturday night. Have a drink first to loosen up those dancing hips!


American Bonded

Where: 2706 Larimer St

Need a pick-me-up from work? Have your girlfriend meet up with you at American Bonded. It's a whiskey-focused bar that also serves some delicious food. Case in point, the colorful charcuterie board. But if you're looking for some comfort food, the restaurant has your back. You need to get the green chili mac and cheese that comes with crushed potato chips on top!


Indian Hot Springs

Where: 302 Soda Creek Road, Idaho Springs

Every girlfriend needs to be pampered from time to time. Relax under the banana and palm trees as you swim around in the mineral water pools. If you want some alone time, consider booking a private room for you two. While you're there, take a dip in the geothermal caves! You'll never want to go back to just hanging out in a hot tub again.



Where: 1555 Blake St.

Read the menu, but just know that there's only one thing you should order. You can't leave ChoLon without eating the spicy Korean fried chicken slider. This is the time to be selfish — don't share! Just get two orders of it!


D Bar Restaurant

Where: 494 E 19th Ave

You have to go in with a plan or else you risk ordering everything and eating it all! There's no shortage of cute pastries and cakes, but at some point, you have to pace yourself. This is the place to go when you really want to treat yourself and forget about any kind of diet. If you want something to go, check out their sugar cookies. They always come in cute and wacky designs!


The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa

Where: 321 17th St

Don't know what afternoon tea is? Here's what you need to know: you go somewhere dressed in your fanciest clothes to drink tea and stuff your face with finger sandwiches, scones, and dessert. It's an afternoon of elegance and pretending you're in Downton Abbey.  Treat your woman like the lady she is!


Union Station Farmers Market

Where: 1701 Wynkoop St

You'd normally want to avoid UnionStation since it's for business travelers, but you should head over there on Saturdays for the farmers market. Pick up fresh produce, sample some homemade jams and butters, and buy the prettiest bouquet of flowers for your girlfriend. When you're done, head inside Union Station to walk around! It's a gorgeous building that's overlooked by Denverites!


Denver Biscuit Company

Where: 3237 E Colfax Ave

It's Man vs. Food when you come here. Prepare yourself for some good Southern food because that's exactly what you're going to get. Everything on the menu is going to look delicious, but the Franklin is extra special. Dig in!


Green Russell

Where: 1422 Larimer St

Denver has its fair share of speakeasies, but the only one you need to worry about is Green Russell. To get in, you walk through a fully functional pie shop and you'll be lead through a door that leads to the bar.

This bar definitely has its quirks. Don't expect the same old cookiecutter cocktails! And also put away your cell phones unless you go into the old-timey telephone booth. So take the night to enjoy each other's company away from social media and experience the roaring '20s.


Ice Cream Riot

Where: 1238 E Colfax Ave

Treat your GF to an ice cream sandwich if she has a sweet tooth. Make sure to check out the breakfast cereal flavors. You can't go wrong with cinnamon toast crunch or the fruity pebbles flavor. And if you're feeling extra adventurous, try the cheddar goldfish ice cream.


Sassafras American Eatery

Where: 320 E Colfax Ave

Sundays are for boozy brunching. Come here for a laid-back vibe and some Southern-styled food. But what you really want to do is order some of their unique cocktails. Supposedly, the mimosa flight is where it's at. You'll only know if you order it!


Tattered Cover Book Store

Where: 1628 16th Street

If you're looking for something to do while you digest brunch, head on over to a bookstore. You'll instantly feel cozy when you walk in and there are tons of sofas and chairs for you to sit and read. You might even be able to catch a live author reading!


Linger Eatuary

Where: 2030 W. 30th Ave

Fancy eating in a mortuary? Mortuary, eatuary. Get it? A place that one housed Buffalo Bill's remains is now a trendy restaurant with some seriously delicious food. Once you get past the history, it's easy to scarf down the food. If you get a chance, order the chorizo tacos!


Levitt Pavilion

Where: 1380 W Florida Ave

Catch a free concert while you still can! Bring your lawn chairs or sit on a blanket while you sit and listen to some music. All different acts play here and don't worry if you don't have anywhere to sit. You'll probably be up on your feet dancing the whole time.


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