31 Women With Badass Jobs In Denver

These babes are killing it!
31 Women With Badass Jobs In Denver

Denver is an amazing city to live in and I think everyone reading this article can agree that they wouldn't prefer to live anywhere else. This city gives you an amazing balance of bustling downtown life mixed with picturesque nature just outside the city core that's envied by the rest of America.

It's no surprise that this city is also filled with tons of talented, ambitious, strong and beautiful women that never stop working towards their dreams and goals. We all know how important it is to support the women in our lives and communities and that's what this article is all about!

Give some love and support to the Denver ladies on this list that are killing it at their badass jobs! Also, leave us a comment if we missed anyone who you think deserves some love and support as well!

31. Jamie Fleetwood // @jamiefleetwood

Entrepreneur & Writer

Why She's Badass: Jamie has a lot of passions in life and she shares them all through her writing which she posts on her personal blog. She also runs a successful Instagram page and she's an entrepreneur!

30. Juli Bauer Roth // @paleomg

Blogger and Entrepreneur

Why She's Badass: Juli has a lot of things going on in her life and she's super successful at all of them. She runs a paleo podcast, sells her own paleo meal plans, and even sells her own workout leggings!

29. Nayomi Van Brunt // @nomivanb


Why She's Badass: Nayomi is a professional dancer for Wonderbound dance company. She used to dance for the Atlanta Ballet and has even performed in music videos for emerging artists!

28. Michelle Kohler // @michellekohlerart


Why She's Badass: Michelle is an expressive artist that creates stunning pieces in her home art studio. You can purchase or view her art on her personal website!

27. Emma Lea // @emmaleafloral


Why She's Badass: Emma creates gorgeous floral arrangements for special events in the Denver area. She makes creates her gorgeous flower arrangements for anything from weddings, to anniversaries, to birthdays and more!

26. Krystal Covington // @krystalgolead

CEO, PR and Branding Specialist

Why She's Badass: Krystal is the CEO of a super important organization called Women of Denver. They have their own magazine, blog and events highlighting all the amazing work women do for the community of Denver!

25. Katie Lasalle // @katie_lasalle

Weather & News Anchor

Why She's Badass: If you watch Denver7 on ABC you've probably seen Katie hosting the news and weather reports. She does an amazing job reporting the weather and news and is a talented journalist.

24. Johanna Sprunk // @j.s.weddings

Wedding Planner

Why She's Badass: Johanna plans gorgeous weddings in the Denver area. She puts tons of effort every time into creating a beautiful wedding that's nothing short of perfect for your special day.

23. Andrea Schumacher // @andreaschumacherinteriors

Interior Designer

Why She's Badass: Andrea is an interior designer based in Denver who creates gorgeous rooms. She's always working to create a luxurious, fresh feel to make your home truly comfortable for you.

22. Jessica Hall // @jhall_dancefit

Fitness Instructor

Why She's Badass: Jessica teaches 'Sexy Sweat' classes in Denver that will definitely get you sweating in no time. She's also a dancer and the director of training and development at Hot Mamas that design effective workouts for women.

21. Sam // @lilfreshsam

Fashion Stylist & Designer

Why She's Badass: Sam is a super talented fashion designer and stylist in the Denver area. She's the founder of her own custom clothing company that makes hand-crafted pieces!

20. Justine Henderson // @justinek28

Graphic Designer & Photographer

Why She's Badass: Justine is an insanely talented photographer who takes stunning pictures of models in Denver. She's also a graphic and web designer!

19. Keesha Scheel & Kelsey Lundie // @orendalou

Why She's Badass: Keesha and Kelsey are talented stylists that created their own vintage and streetwear shop. They have a stunning Instagram page and you can purchase their looks on their website!

18. Erica D Baca // @bacathebeautician

Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

Why She's Badass: Erica is running her own hair and makeup salon based in Denver! She books all her appointments through her Instagram page and provides gorgeous looks every time.

17. Leslie Herod // @leslieherod

Colorado State Reprasentative

Why She's Badass: Everyone knows that politics definitely isn't the easiest glass ceiling for women to break through, but Leslie is killing it! She's a democratic representative for Colorado State and makes safe, healthy and thriving communities her mission.

16. Halle Madeleine // @hallemadeleine


Why She's Badass: Halle is a photographer that was born and raised in Denver. She takes stunning photographs of landscapes as well as portraits!

15. Michelle Glancy // @herblackwings


Why She's Badass: Michelle is a killer bartender at the Occidental bar in Denver. She's also a photographer and a pole dancing athlete that shows some serious strength!

14. Alix Bruson // @alixbrusonfilms


Why She's Badass: Alix is a super talented videographer that strives to capture beautiful moments so that we can always remember them. That's why she specializes in important events like weddings!

13. Kat // @kat_arthurs_chef


Why She's Badass: Kat is a private chef that specializes in healthy paleo and gluten free meals. She specializes in making restrictive diet meals into something more delicious than you could have imagined! You can hire her services for a meal, as a caterer for an event or even for cooking lessons.

12. Henna Luna // @_hennaluna

Henna Artist

Why She's Badass: This gorgeous Denver lady creates stunning works of art out of henna! She's incredibly talented at what she does and her work is super popular in the Denver and Colorado area.

11. Carrie Baird // @chefcarrieb

Why She's Badass: If you've been watching this season of Top Chef, you definitely know the talented Carrie Baird! No spoilers if you haven't watched the most recent episode, but Carrie represents her state all throughout the season and you can even check out her restaurant in Denver!

10. Laura Medicus // @lauramedicus

Interior Designer

Why She's Badass: Laura runs her own interior design business based in Denver. She creates clean and classic interiors with a twist to add individual creativity to your space.

9. Saura Madani // @sweetsaura


Why She's Badass: Saura is a professional baker and pastry chef for the Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group in Denver. Her desserts are always delicious and impeccably made! She also has her own personal blog where she posts recipes.

8. Heidi Ganahl // @heidiganahl


Why She's Badass: Heidi is an impressive entrepreneur who started her own company called Camp Bow Wow, a daycare and boarding company for dogs with 125 locations across the US! She's also a mom of 4 and takes care of her big happy family.

7. Samantha Keller // @sammykeller


Why She's Badass: Samantha is a professional photographer based in Denver. She takes stunning pictures for fashion companies in the area and has even been commissioned by Urban Outfitters for photo shoots!

6. Hayley // @joannedesignco

Web Designer

Why She's Badass: Hayley is a blogger and professional web designer based in Denver. She posts tons of amazing blog posts on her website helping small businesses with their website and social media goals!

5. Allison // @peachandpepper

Fashion Blogger

Why She's Badass: Allison runs a successful Instagram and personal blog where she shows off her amazing fashion sense. She's passionate about fashion and styling and you can even shop the looks she wears on her site!

4. Christy Lea Payne // @clpjewelry

Jewelry Designer

Why She's Badass: Christy owns her own storefront where she sells her beautiful hand-made jewelry. Each piece is unique and made with precision and love!

3.  Daija Jenkins // @sistaswatcha

Makeup Artist

Why She's Badass: Daija is a self-taught makeup artist that knows how to use colour in her looks. She makes beautiful designs with makeup that are seriously stunning and you can book her to do your makeup through her Instagram!

2. Sloan Stiles // @sloanstiles

Hair Stylist

Why She's Badass: Sloan is a hairstylist and makeup artist working out of Let 'Em Have It salon in Denver. She creates gorgeous hair styles using bright colours that will make your hair anything but boring.

1. Katerina Denny // @katerinathesavage

Professional Fighter

Why She's Badass: Katerina is probably the definition of a badass lady. She's super fit and works as a professional fighter, kicking butt all day everyday.