If you love jet-setting off to island paradises, or just daydream about it, this restaurant might be the next best thing. Casa Bonita Restaurant in Denver is a tropical getaway complete with a towering waterfall and shimmering lagoon. You can dine in a Utopia of cliffs and turquoise waters while enjoying the feels of Acapulco.

Located in Denver, Colorado, this stunning restaurant serves delicious Mexican cuisine.

Casa Bonita is home to a luscious waterfall that sits 30 feet high and filters into a shimmering blue pool.

The pool is 14 feet deep so that cliff divers can perform impressive jumps during your meal, along with other wild shows throughout the evening.

You can wander around the Mexican-themed paradise and feel like you've been transported to tropical beaches and cliff encased lagoons.

Their all you can eat menu starts at $18, or you can grab a combination plate for $16.

The whole experience comes complete with an adventure, not like many restaurants offer, with the island oasis creating a fairytale backdrop for an evening out.

It feels a little like its own Disney themed land that would sit right between Adventureland and New Orleans Square.

You can check out the fountain in the front made with real tiles shipped from Mexico, which is almost as good as the real thing if you ask us.

Plus, the gorgeous dome is covered in a 22-karat gold-leaf that exudes exotic ambiance.

You can sip boozy treats by the lagoon and imagine you're seconds away from dipping your toes in the calm blue waters, but we recommend you don't try it.

Their Casarita starts at $7.55 and is the perfect themed cocktail to top off your island getaway.

On top of all the tempting bits of paradise, you can officially say you dined in a spot that inspired an entire South Park episode, according to the Denver Post.

Between the gorgeous lagoon, exciting (professional) cliff dives, and all the Disney-esque vibes, this place is a yes in our book.

Casa Bonita Denver

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: 6715 W. Colfax Ave., Lakewood, CO

Why You Need To Go: You can be instantly transported to a Mexican fairytale paradise complete with a 30-foot waterfall and turquoise lagoon.