We like big buns, and we cannot lie, burger buns, that is. If you want your patties a little on the wild side, this one is for you. Crave Real Burgers in Denver is home to a delicious donut burger, complete with all the classic fixings inside a sugary bun. Now you can get two of your favorite treats all rolled into one.

Crave Real Burgers serves up both a standard and wilder menu, so burger lovers everywhere can rejoice at the limitless (kind of) options available for your patty craving.

Their Luther burger comes stacked with bacon, eggs, cheddar cheese, and onions packed between two glazed donuts.

Yep, you heard right—sugary-sweet glazed donuts instead of buns. This might be the ultimate savory and sweet treat.

The wild concoction costs $14 and will change the way you think of burgers forever.

You can also snag some other weird combinations like the Nutty Professor, which has peanut butter, jalapenos, and bacon.

If you prefer something a little less "out there," their classic side of the menu offers old school favorites, or you can try their slightly different compilations that still provide a yummy twist on the burger.

Their mouthwatering starters are a great addition to your meals, and you can choose from things like "zuke fries" or jalapeno bottle caps.

Yes, please!

If you're wondering what sets this burger apart from all the rest, its the combination of salty meats and toppings sitting between two full donuts rather than just one that's been split in two.

All the savory flavor, double the glazed goodies.

If that wasn't enough to get your tastebuds going, their "adult" milkshakes are spiked with booze for the ultimate treat.

Between the tasty donut burger and the boozy sweet treats, we think every day should be National Hamburger Day.

Crave Real Burgers

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: American

Address: Multiple locations

Why You Need To Go: You can grab your favorite patty and toppings cradled inside two delicious glazed donut buns.