A Colorado Podcast Creator Just Made Finding Love During Quarantine Easier

And he told us why.
House Of Pod In Colorado Makes Finding Love Easier During Quarantine

First, there were letters and courting, then came television shows and blind dates, and now, we have podcast matchmaking. House of Pod in Colorado is casting people for a new form of dating on their series LoveSick. People can apply to "star" on the set and get connected with a potential partner via podcast.

Located in Denver, Colorado, House of Pod has recently created a new matchmaking series. It's like a dating app, but instead of just a waiter listening in on the first date, there's an audience of subscribers.

LoveSick will feature unique personalities from all over the world seeking a pairing.

Editorial Director Paul Karolyi told Narcity the inspiration came right after the state issued the stay-at-home order. He realized there would be a "crisis of human connection... people were going to feel more disconnected."

He wanted to "start up a crazy connection project," and that's how LoveSick came to be.

How it works is that anyone can apply online to be considered for a spot, and then the creators start the process of finding a match.

Once they find one, they set the couples up on a blind video date, which will be taped for the series.

The first date will be aired over a podcast, so listeners can tune in and follow the couple's experience. Anyone else getting some serious Love is Blind vibes?

Paul also told Narcity that the process of matching pairs had been the "bulk of the work," as some people "don't have a lot to say in text," which can make it hard to find a good match. 

Those who make it on the show won't have any contact with their date until the video call, during which a host will be present to help initiate things.

Paul added that "anyone, anywhere, [can]... apply. Tell us about yourself. Tell us your story, and we will do our best to find you someone cool."

After all, people might be getting a little sick of swiping left on their own Tinder, so this podcast seems like the perfect thing to keep us busy.

LoveSick Podcast

Why You Need To Listen: You can catch this podcast dating show where people are matched, blind date style, that's then aired for subscribers, reality television style.


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