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This Rooftop Restaurant In Colorado Is In A Converted Mortuary

We can't formalde-HIDE our excitement at this cool find.
Linger Eatuary In Colorado Is A Mortuary Turned Restaurant With Themed Fare

We've all wanted to visit haunted places like abandoned hospitals, hotels, and even houses, but are you ready to eat in a funeral home? Linger Eatuary in Colorado is a mortuary turned restaurant that used to serve a very different kind of clientele, but has since become a local hotspot. Now, you can dine among funeral parlor furniture and perhaps even meet a restless spirit on your way to the bathroom.

Located in Denver, Colorado, this little slice of eerie architecture has a fascinating past but also serves a great cocktail.

If you like your food with a side of formaldehyde, this spot is definitely for you. (We are joking about that part... kind of).

Linger Eatuary was once Olinger Mortuary. It housed its fair share of bodies, most of which were of the non-breathing caliber, back in the early 1900s.

You can visit the site where Buffalo Bill's remains were kept for a short time, and dine on delicious menu items that will make you happy to have use of your tastebuds still.

Despite the morbid background, it is a pretty "lively" place, and the different levels of the venue give you plenty of space to explore while you sip.

You can check-in at an actual church pew, and your water comes served fresh in "formaldehyde" bottles.

The original sign from the funeral home still stands, with certain lights dimmed or slightly altered, so it reads "Linger Eatuary" instead of Olinger Mortuary.

Those garage looking doors letting in the gentle evening breeze used to open for hearses back when it was still a mortuary.

But don't let the eerie past deter you. You can get some awesome eats while still indulging in a little spooky socializing.

The rooftop is one of their most popular features, and you can sip boozy treats while you gaze out over the city.

You can grab a plate for around $16, and their creative menu is perfect for any cravings.

Just make sure to enter through the front, as the hearse entrance is reserved for... less lively visitors.

Linger Eatuary

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Eclectic

Address: 2030 W. 30th Ave., Denver, CO

Why You Need To Go: You can dine in this restored mortuary turned eatery, and see some of the eerie original fixtures while you sip formaldehyde (free) water.


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