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You Can Hang Out With An Adorable Baby Rhino With The Denver Zoo's Live Cam

All things cute and furry straight to your living room.

If you are feeling a bit down after finishing Tiger King on Netflix, this park has you covered. The Denver Zoo's virtual safaris let you watch live cam footage of their new baby rhino. The best way to relieve stress and boredom in our book? Cute animals.

If you need an animal fix, you can experience all the wildlife of the Denver Zoo without the lines or crowds.

The zookeepers have been streaming live footage of the animals in their everyday lives, and the videos will transport you from your living room to the habitats of giraffes, tigers, elephants, and rhinos.

Their baby rhino cam is available to watch every day so you can get your fill of cute animals from the comfort of your couch.

With the arrival of the baby girl rhino, Denver Zoo is currently deciding on a name for the new addition to the team, and you can even weigh in with your vote.

The adorable names you can choose from are Talli, Joona, or Pemba.

Their baby rhino cam has live streaming footage coming straight to your smart device all day so that you can watch the comings and goings of the habitat.

You will get to be up close and personal to this adorable calf, something you can't even get from a physical visit at the zoo!

If you want to see more videos of other animals, you can catch live streams on their Facebook page every day at 1 p.m., as well as visit their Youtube channel for past streams. #BringingTheZooToYou.

Just last week, they had their banded mongooses and African Crested porcupine out for a visit on a live Facebook feed. You can still stock up on all the cuteness by checking out their social media pages.

Thanks to all the beautiful zookeepers, the animals are living their best lives AND becoming reality TV stars.

Denver Zoo Virtual Safari

Price: Free

When: Streaming Live Cam Footage Daily

Why You Need To Go: You can spend the day with the Denver Zoo's baby rhino with their live cam footage!


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