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Popular Credit Union Admits That The Data Of 2.9 Million Canadians Was Leaked During A Breach

In a breaking development this Thursday, Desjardins Canada says that data of 2.9 million members, including 173,000 business, had been shared with people outside of the organization. According to a report by CBC, the Quebec-based organization, which is also the largest federation of credit unions in North America, revealed that Laval police had contacted them about the massive information leak on June 14.

So what does this mean for those affected? Well, according to the federation’s press release, members' personal information may have become compromised during the leak.

This includes their date of birth, first and last name, address, email address, phone number, social insurance number and data about banking habits. Fortunately, crucial information such as member passwords, PINs, security questions was not affected by the breach.

Guy Cormier, Desjardins CEO and President, stated that the massive leak was actually not the result of a cyber attack, but instead was the work of an employee who accessed and shared the information. The employee has since been terminated.

Cormier claims that he felt “betrayed” by the former employees’ actions. "I won't say the all the words that I have in mind at the moment, because I know I'm in front of television cameras," Cormier detailed during a news conference in Montreal today. "It's a situation we deeply regret."

Desjardins is a financial institution with the largest regional presence in Quebec and it is also well represented in Ontario. The organization was rated one of Canada's top 100 employers by MediaCorp Canada.

It is also the only financial institution in Canada to be established in 240 towns and villages. Its total assets are $295.5 billion. The federation was also voted that coolest financial institution, according to millennials in Quebec according to Leger's 2018 Youth Study.

Members and clients who have any concerns about their information should reach out to Desjardins at 1-800-CAISSES.