It always seemed unfair that the glory of an arcade was left to the kids and we were supposed to not enjoy that kind of stuff as adults. While adult-friendly arcade bars have been growing in popularity in the past few years, it's time to take the excitement up a notch. A risque addition to this trend has been axe throwing and there's an awesome place near Detroit that you have to check out.

The HUB Stadium is huge and there's so much to do there that you could probably go every night for a week. 

You can reserve a regular axe throwing stall with up to ten friends for $100 for an hour.

If this sounds a little dangerous, don't worry because you won't be on your own.

The HUB requires that participants spend a little time with a coach so that you can improve your skills while also being safe around flying sharp objects. 

There's no alcohol allowed in the actual stalls and you won't be allowed to throw if you seem too intoxicated, but there is a full bar right outside the lanes. 

Fowling is a bit of a clumsy name, but the concept combines some of America's favorite past times. 

You can try to throw your tightest spiral at the pins in front of the opposing team. 

Imagine football combined with beanbag toss combined with bowling. 

Reserving a fowling lane for an hour will cost you $85 on weekdays and $100 on Friday and Saturday. You can up to ten people at these lanes as well. 

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The HUB Stadium

Price: $100/hour for a fowling lane and for an axe throwing stall which can be split between ten friends. 

Address: 2550 Innovation Dr., Auburn Hills, MI

Why You Need To Go: If your nights out are starting to feel boring, you can stop in and try something exciting that you've never done before.